The Only 3 Things You Need To Do In Order To Meditate

Dan Harris says everyone should meditate every day for five minutes.

Meditation is a “simple, secular, scientifically validated” way to boost your emotional health and wellbeing, the Happify video above notes. You don’t have to wear funny clothes, sit in a field or listen to music.

You just need to do three simple things, as narrator Dan Harris, an ABC News anchor and author of the book 10% Happier, explains: assume a proper position, notice your breathing, and focus you attention. Check out this video for more precise instructions or try a guided track for beginners.

It’s normal if your mind wanders to grocery lists and other thoughts once you start to meditate. The trick, according to Happify, is just to go back to meditating once you notice your mind has started to wander. Each time you do this, it’s like a “bicep curl for your brain.”

Give it a shot – chilled out looks good on you.

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