How to Meditate...The Easy Way (VIDEO)

How to Meditate...The Easy Way (VIDEO)
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Meditation can be intimidating. Sitting there, doing nothing, just breathing can be trickier than it sounds. It may feel strange, uncomfortable, or even put you to sleep. Distractions try their best to pester you. Thoughts of the weekend, family, work, finances, politics, what's for dinner, all invade your aspiring-to-be-still mind. You start to fidget, adjusting your seat, clothes, and hair, anything to have something to do. Meditation can be like a battle with yourself, your thoughts, your body. But if you stick with the uncomfortable moments, they will start to fade away and cool things will happen.

The experience of meditation has been described and taught thousands of different ways. One detailed instruction may click for you that won't make sense for someone else. For me meditation is a practice to get rid of useless junk cluttering my mind, and useless ticks inhabiting my body. Once you can sit and breathe and get past all of this, then it's like your whole being is plugged into the all-knowing light socket that's always there. To get motivated, I remind myself that practice reduces stress, builds focus, compassion, sensitivity, confidence and more.

Here are a few suggestions that I've collected along the way that help with meditation.

Any Time, Any Place, Any Outfit. You can sit and breathe anywhere. You don't have to be in your best yoga outfit sitting on your yoga mat to do it. Take a couple minutes first thing in the morning, at work, at home, before bed, whatever works for you.

Conscious Breathing. That's all meditation is really, paying attention to your breath. Focus on watching your breath coming in and going out and you'll be doing a whole lot of good.

No Pressure. Try sitting first for only a couple minutes and build slowly from there. There is no rush. This is something that you can do your whole life. Meditation will sharpen your senses and your awareness. Everything you ever wanted to know is right there waiting for you.

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