How to Network With People Without Seeming Needy

If I can go from a little girl who was too shy to play at her own piano recital to becoming an award-winning international speaker and Youtuber, I know that anything is possible for you, too.

I ran into my old piano teacher this weekend and she couldn't resist telling the story of how I was so shy as a little girl

During one of my first piano recitals -- I was probably 11 years old -- I was scheduled to perform first. I was so afraid that I hid behind my mom and would not go up to the piano! I made my teacher get some other students perform first, and only after that did I decide that I could play.

I finally crept out from behind my mom and played my piece in front of the audience. Everytime I see my old piano teacher she asks how I went from that little girl to backpacking East Africa!

THAT is how shy I was.

Now, I taught myself how to network and put myself out into the world in such a way that opportunities regularly come to me. In fact, I recently landed another big speaking gig through someone I met networking.

Watch today's vlog to learn three powerful mindsets I used to enjoy networking and attract extraordinary opportunities:

Networking is not about collecting business cards. It's about building genuine and authentic connections with real people.

Now I'd love to hear more from you! Which of these three mindset shifts is your favourite?