Here's How To Organize A Small Closet On A Budget

Solutions for those of us with lots of clothes (and not a lot of space).
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Some of your friends may be KonMari-ing their entire lives, but we’re just ready to tackle our closets.

If you find yourself with too many clothes and a too-small closet, you’re in need of some good old-fashioned organization inspiration. Whether you load up on S-hooks to store scarves, belts and bags or invest in an entire door-mount modular shelving system for all of your accessories, we’re living in the age of storage hacks and design inspo for all kinds of home problems.

Because all storage problems are different, we’ve pulled together a curated list of 15 useful products that will actually organize your small closet.

Take a look below:

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Drawer organizers for socks, undies and bras
This set of four drawer organizers includes pockets for all of your messiest drawer items. Get it on Amazon.
A whole bunch of foldable storage bins
You can never have too many of these practical storage bins. Use them to sort undergarments, workout clothes, toys, extra electrical cables and pretty much anything else you have lying around your house. Get a set of six on Amazon.
A way or use all of that unused space
When you hang blouses on an eye-level closet rack, you end up with a lot of free space down below. This four-section fabric closet organizer has a built-in garment rod at the bottom so you can store folded items like sweaters and jeans above, then hang your blouses below. Get it on Amazon.
An over-the-door valet rack
Use this adjustable over-the-door hanging rack to plan outfits for the week, dry towels or hang outerwear. Get it on Amazon.
These practical closet shelf dividers
This set of eight dividers gives you the ability to divide up your shelves to neatly stack essentials like sweaters, towels and blankets. You can also use them to keep your bags or shoes from touching your clothes. Get them on Amazon.
These closet organizers for pants
These S-type organizers are designed to store pants, jeans and scarfs, freeing up your shelf and drawer space for other items. Get them on Amazon.
Hooks for your fancy bags
The Container Store
These acrylic hooks are designed to hang your favorite purses and handbags while preserving their good looks. The wide-lipped design supports the straps so that even your leather bags maintain their look without creasing. Get them at The Container Store. If you don't need high-end hooks, S-hooks will also work just fine (and are much cheaper).
This mesh storage stack
The Container Store
This is one of The Container Store's most popular storage sets for this brand, and it's easy to see why. This Start-A-Stack set is so versatile it can be used for pretty much any room in your home, but it's also a smart and quick way to whip your closet into shape. Get it at The Container Store.
A standard hanging closet organizer
If your goal is to create more space, you can't go wrong with a hanging closet shelf. This one has side pockets so you can store lightweight sandals, small bags and accessories like hats and scarves. Get it on Amazon.
These clear shelf dividers
The Container Store
If you're looking for shelf dividers that aren't wire, these see-through ones are just the thing. They can be used to organize sweaters, towels, blankets, bags and even to separate closet essentials from other items you might be storing. Plus, you also get some extra storage space from them because they have a tiny valet hook. Get it at The Container Store.
This honeycomb drawer organizer
If you just need to get a few loose items organized, this expandable honeycomb drawer organizer is the solution. Use it for socks, tights, undies, ties, handkerchiefs, scarves and more. Get it on Amazon.
This utility closet door and rack organizer
The Container Store
Storage needs vary, but this over-the-door rack organizer has pretty much everything you might need in one modular design. It includes baskets for storing bags and accessories, plus a board with hooks for things like jewelry, scarves and hats -- and it can be adjusted to fit your exact needs. Get it at The Container Store.
A shoe rack, if you have the space
If you have the space in you closet, you might consider a shoe rack to free up your floor space. This model conveniently stores up to 18 pairs of shoes, and can also be used in as an entryway shoe rack. Get it on Amazon.
This space-saving shoe organizer
The Container Store
Most over-the-door shoe organizers have pockets for storing your shoes, but this version is arguably better if you want to protect out-of-season shoes from dirt and dust. Get it at The Container Store.
A hanging shoe organizer
If you have too many shoes and nowhere to store them, a simple hanging shoe organizer might be all you need to declutter. This version holds up to eight pairs of shoes and frees up your floor space. Get it on Amazon.

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