6 Budget-Friendly Ways To Organize A Small Closet

Small space solutions done on a dime.

If you’re finally ready to take on the battle that is your overstuffed closet, you’re not alone. We know the struggle that is trying to fit your entire life into your closet ― and then some. (Why does it always fill up with more and more stuff?)

Sure, you could take a page from the minimalist’s guidebook and declutter your entire life, but that’s quite a life-consuming task (and, hey, some people think minimalist is kind of boring).

That’s why a practical approach to a small closet begins with addressing the space you have, and then pondering what sorcery is needed to tackle the monumental task at hand. Fortunately for you (and your wallet), there are six super-cheap, budget-friendly ways you can organize your small closet.

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Shelf Dividers
Keep your items neatly stacked on top of and beside each other with these shelf dividers. Get them on Amazon.
Undershelf Baskets
Pro tip: These aren't only for kitchen storage. Get extra usage out of your shelves with some under-shelf baskets for smaller items like socks, gloves and hats. Shop them at The Container Store.
Closet Rods
Run out of space to hang your clothes? Add another row of clothing with this minimalist closet rod. Get it on Amazon.
Shoe Rack
Stack your shoes instead of throwing them on the floor into a piled heap. This shoe rack will sit easily underneath your hanging clothes. Get this shoe rack at The Container Store.
Hanging Closet Organizer
This tried and true classic still remains one of the simplest ways to organize your closet. And with mesh side compartments for small shoes and loose accessories, this is the ultimate closet organization tool. Get it on Amazon.
Command Hooks
You probably don't think to use the space nearest your ceiling, but that's all open storage area to hang little knick-knacks that shouldn't take up shelf space, like belts, scarves and hats. Get them on Amazon.

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