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How To Overcome The Loneliness of Valentine's Day

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Some days, being single is harder than others.

This Sunday, February 14th, happens to be one of the more difficult ones of the year when you're alone.

You can't help but pass colorful storefront windows loaded with Valentine's Day ideas and gifts.

You find your email box loaded with Open Table offers to wine and dine you and the sweetheart you wish you had. Everywhere you look, it seems like couples are holding hands and kissing.

The huge emphasis on Valentine's Day love can feel so intense that not only do you feel lonely on this day, but you may also feel left out of something that seems to be universally happening for everyone else.

When this happened to me back when I was single, it really surprised me.

After all, I was supposed to be one of those women who felt okay on my own. I have a feeling you can identify.

I knew if I wanted to "feel the love" that day, I was going to have to make that happen by doing something really nice for myself.

The younger generation, which my kids are a part of, have embraced this idea.

They call it "Galentine's Day," where you celebrate all the women you love, including yourself.

I didn't know I was part of a trend back when I was single. I just wanted to take care of myself that day.

I'd picked up dinner for myself from my favorite Thai restaurant.

Then I'd topped off the delicious curry dish with the best ice cream in the world, Graeter's chocolate chip ice cream.

Next, I'd fill my bathtub with hot water and a few drops of lavender oil.

Then I'd luxuriously soak and read a novel I'd been meaning to get to for a while.

By the time I was done with all of this pampering, I was feeling pretty good about myself.

I decided there was no way I was spending Valentine's Day alone the following year, so I headed to my computer to look for a quality man of my own.

Just so you know, even men can feel the sadness of being alone on Valentine's Day and you will probably find quite a few hanging out at your favorite online dating site just waiting for you this week!

Unless you want a repeat of spending the evening alone next Valentine's Day, now is the time for getting out of your comfort zone by putting your picture and profile online to start looking for a great guy.

All you have to do is plant yourself in front of your computer for half an hour.

Try a new dating site you've never had a profile on before.

There might be new men you've never come across on there and you'll seem new to them too.

The beauty of online dating is that even on the coldest night, you can meet new guys while feeling all snuggly in your pajamas inside your warm and cozy house.

Be daring as you look for love this week.

Start a chat conversation with a man online that looks interesting to you. Allow yourself to feel what it's like to flirt again. Be short and sweet as you answer his questions. And remember to ask him questions too!

In fact, why not have 3 or 4 different chats going at the same time? I know it sounds silly but it can be so much fun and there is something so sexy about lots of male attention all at once that will make you feel really desirable!

I hope this encourages you to make this week a good one by loving yourself on "Galentine's Day" and by heading online for some wonderful male attention.

Let me know what you did to make your Galentine's Day special!

Lisa Copeland is known as the expert on over 50's dating. She's the best-selling author of The Winning Dating Formula For Women Over 50 and her mission is to help as many women around the world as she can discover how to have fun dating and finding their Mr. Right after 50. To get your FREE Report, "5 Little Known Secrets To Find A Quality Man," visit

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