How to Pack Cosmetics for Traveling

Whether you're going on a weekend trip or an overseas jaunt, here's how to keep yourself -- and your supplies -- in great condition.
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Whether you're going on a weekend trip or an overseas jaunt, here's how to keep yourself -- and your supplies -- in great condition.

Crack-Proof Compacts: Keep your blush, bronzers, and eye shadows from cracking by places cotton rounds inside of your compact cases.

Spill-Proof Bottles: To stop bottles from leaking, unscrew the lid and add a piece of cellophane over the lip of the bottle before re-screwing the bottle top over the cellophane.

Protect Your Perfume: Perfumes are costly items to replace, so pack them with care: Slip a sock over the bottle and then stuff it inside a shoe. Alternatively, switch to a solid perfume to use during your trip or transfer some of your existing perfume into a plastic atomizer that can be purchased at most beauty supply stores.

Seal Your Brushes: I hate when my brushes stain the inside of my makeup bag. Protect your bag (and your skin from bacteria) by using a plastic baggie and a lighter to create a DIY brush guard. Or, try repurposing those little plastic baggies for spare buttons that come attached to clothing tags.

Bag It: Anything that can shatter or stain (think: tinted moisturizer and self tanner) gets its own plastic baggy. This tip is self-explanatory.

Waterproof It: Pack all your hair and cosmetic products into one waterproof bag that you can take into the bathroom with you. This will keep all your goodies clean and dry -- regardless of the state of the bathroom itself.

Stock Up On Samples: Most beauty counters in department stores will be happy to make you a sample or hook you up with pre-packaged samples for your trip. Bonus tip: Hit up Sephora. Do you know that they will make you a sample of almost anything?! Is there nothing this magical store can't do?

Pack Tight: You want your cosmetics bag packed as tightly packed as possible, so that items won't rattle against each other during your journey. If you have extra room in your bag, stuff in a sock for extra padding.

Lighten Up: Transfer glass products into lighter containers: Those glass pots of face cream and night serums can get heavy. Instead of bringing them along, add a few pumps of your favorite products into travel-sized plastic containers that you can find in most pharmacies, or you can make your own containers out of contact cases or pill cases.

Stick To Your Staples: A trip isn't the best time to try out a new shade of lipstick, eye shadow, or beauty brand. First of all, there's the chance you could react negatively to it and secondly, you'll have those pictures forever.

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