Mark Miller And Ethan Hethcote Explain How To Pick Up Guys (VIDEO)

The latest video from adorable vlogging boyfriends and Internet sensations Mark Miller and Ethan Hethcote making the rounds on the blogosphere tells viewers on the prowl where they can meet gay men and then once they've met them, how to pick them up.

The only problem? The five-plus minute video won't really tell you anything you probably don't already know.

Among the suggestions featured in the video is looking for guys at the gym, a coffee shop or a bar (who knew?).

And what happens when you've spotted your potential Mr. Right and you can't tell if he's into you? One way to tell, claim Miller and Hethcote, is to see if "gazes" at you (or, as they put it, "gay-zes" at you).

Thank goodness for these guys or we would be just be wandering around groping patio furniture and asking out llamas.

Want more tips (or just want to watch two cute guys with Internet access)? Check out the video above.

And visit Miller and Hethcote's YouTube channels for more.



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