How To Pit Cherries Without Using A Cherry Pitter

No Cherry Pitter? No Problem

Cherries are one of those summer fruits that are worth waiting for all year long -- there's nothing like eating them fresh when they're in season. The eating part is easy because you can spit out the pits, but baking or cooking with cherries is another thing entirely, because you have to go the extra mile to remove all those pits beforehand.

Many people rely on cherry pitters, tools designed specifically for pitting cherries. But these gadgets can range in price from cheap (often also cheap in construction) to pretty expensive. Plus do you really need a pitter taking up precious space in your kitchen drawer when you use it just once a year? We've assembled a slideshow of makeshift cherry pitters made from everyday items. You'll be surprised what you can use to pit cherries.

Now after you've done your inventive pitting, make some of our cherry recipes here.

Pastry Tip
The Kitchn
Find out how to pit cherries with a pastry tip from The Kitchn.
Hair Pin
Writing in the Blackberry Patch
Find out how to pit cherries with a hair pin from Writing in the Blackberry Patch.
Chef's Knife
Use your chef's knife to smash the cherry and split it in half to remove the pit.
Bent Fork
A fork with the middle two tines bent into a hook works well to remove a cherry pit without making two holes in the fruit.
Drinking Straw
Just insert a drinking straw in one end of a cherry and the pit comes out the other.
Poke a chopstick through the cherry and voila!
Paper Clip
A bent paperclip can remove a cherry pit without making two holes -- it works like a scoop.

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