How to Place Your Dreams in a Capsule and Swallow Them Whole

Once we make it clear to ourselves what we want, our dreams coming true are a possibility.

I ventured out in the heat tonight for a manifesting walk on the Wildwood Trail with a friend this evening. Per usual, we catch up and such and then we get down to the business of what we want to Manifest this week, season, year. We are open to the big possibilities our lives have already proven can happen. We discuss our doubt and the reasons why we think the dream unobtainable and then we surrender to the fact that we have had countless chats like this and most everything we have wanted has come true. Though not usually packaged as we anticipated, of course. We have faith and we have a witness to our clearly defined desires. I like that we are placing one foot in front of the other, literally as well as metaphorically while we traverse the city park. Oddly, tonight I kept seeing a picture in my quirky minds eye while we were billy goating it up to the top. An image of a little capsule kept blocking my view. It was very distracting and I tripped over my toes. Take the pill and swallow it my little engine that could voice inside said. I dismiss my voice and my pop up images sometimes feeling foolish even if the story board insists on being shared. I finally mention the capsule and swallow it message that has been transported to me. I don't want to sprain my ankle. It seems a bit urgent that I share.

This friend of mine needs a documentary film crew following her around, getting footage of how to kick ass manifest what you wish for already. She puts her dreams in motion like Cinderella deciding to trade her broom in for a pair of glass slippers and make it to the Ball on a regular basis. So her manifesting is going clearly well as it is. So why mess with the program she has in place? The pill image helps her she insists. Rather than keeping the dream at arms length, she likes the idea of taking it in, literally. So we stop our trod for a moment. We close our eyes and imagine our dream packaged up in a capsule and we swallow it whole. It is inside of us rather than within reach of us. It has been dispersed to our cells and they can now get to the business of creating and manifesting what we wished for. The programming has been formatted and we are ready to receive. We felt a bit silly standing in the dirt mid way up stopping to swallow a pretend dream pill but we are game for anything that keeps the dream weaving going.

The notion that we look at this dream in front of us and go for it all of a sudden tonight seemed a bit silly. Our dreams are meant to be ingested, swallowed rather than dangled in front of us like the carrot that is just barely out of our reach. Our clever souls created this Happily Ever After possibility we have wished upon. Let's consume it so it can become a chapter in our story post haste.

I swallowed three dream pills tonight.

Take it, this is your dream waiting to be consumed and bloomed inside of you. Let's see what comes true.