How To Plan Your Meals So You Can Eat Healthy And Affordably

A little bit goes a long way.
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The challenge to eating healthy includes the costs of ingredients, and the timing in which they should be consumed. Setting up a routine, learning where to obtain healthy, affordable ingredients, and how to use them, and how to minimize food waste can solve that challenge.

The first step is to plan your meals at least a week in advance. If you know what you want to eat—proteins, vegetables and fruits—you can find ways to obtain and store them economically.

Secondly, when you shop, you can take advantage of discounts and sales, and direct sourcing from farmers (available in many areas), and even consider food that may be available for free.

The last step is to minimize food waste. This is your opportunity to save significantly by being creative in the kitchen, while keeping meals interesting. If you plan your meals to cook your perishables first, and then use bulk items or frozen ingredients later—setting aside at least one meal a week to cook with leftovers—you’ll have ingredients that work in a variety of recipes.

As with any plan, this can be tailored to fit your own needs, and may not work for everyone.

Planning your meals:

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