How to Plan your Week + FREE Weekly Planner!

I’m sharing my tips on how to plan your week to make sure your stay organised and relaxed.

I’ve previously shared how to plan your day but this post is about planning the whole week ahead so you know what to expect in advance.

How to Plan your Week

1. Find a planner you love

You might love the versatility and prettiness of Erin Condren LifePlanners like me or you might even prefer a plain piece of paper or a diary.

What kind of planner are you? Do you love to be creative and add colour and doodling? Or would you prefer to write a ‘minimalist’ list of everything that you need to do?

Do you think you will stay more organised by making your plans on paper or online?

2. Decide on a day and time to plan

For me, I like to spend 30 minutes on a Sunday morning completing my week’s plans in my Erin Condren planner. (Note: you can get $10US off an EC by clicking on my referral link here!)

It’s my quiet ‘me time’ when my husband looks after the kids. Planning is my hobby, as well as an essential thing I need to do to stay organised!

I complete my planner for the following seven days adding in personal, work and family events and To Do lists.

You might prefer to plan first thing on a Monday to keep your weekend free! Find a time that you can fit in your schedule and have some time to yourself and a clear head.

3. Break down the days

Write down all of the important events and tasks happening on each day. I like to do this in order of priority.

I write down the main Events that day at the top: generally appointments and meetings.

I then write down all of my Work tasks (I’m a full-time Blogger and Freelance Marketer).

Next I have a To Do List for all of the “little things” or “nice to dos” I would like to get done that day, if I find the time.

This makes it clear to me that when I look at my planner, I work from the top down. I tick everything off as I go.

This goes for the weekend too although generally, weekends are all about fun with family and friends!

4. Don’t forget the fun stuff!

We can get so bogged down with all of the things we need to do for work and for the kids. Don’t forget to plan fun events in your week too!

This might be taking the kids to the park, inviting friends over or having a date night! Ok, the latter might be tough if you’re a busy parent like me.

However, as we all know, by writing plans down we have a better chance of sticking to them. So plan for some fun or relaxing stuff too.

I go so far as to plan for ‘planning time’ in my weekly planner! You might like to plan for a movie night, reading a book or even painting your nails! Whatever you find fun that you want to happen in the week ahead.

5. Be flexible

Of course, when planning ahead, you can only plan for so much.

Event might change and priorities might shift. So keep a space in your planner to write in new events as the week goes on.

I also like to keep a space in my planner’s side bar where I can write important plans for the following week. It’s a quick reference I can go to when making my plans on a Sunday.

If you like any of the stickers you’ve seen me use in this post, pop along to my Etsy store, Plan with Mim, where you can view and purchase the range.

How do you plan your week to stay organised?

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Mim is a busy Mum of two small children. A self-confessed planning-obsessed, work from home mother who thrives on staying organised and productive. Read more at

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