How To Play Guitar On The Les Paul Google Doodle (LESSONS)

Don't Struggle With The Google Doodle Guitar: Take Our Course On How To Play

Google introduced arguably its greatest doodle ever this morning, an interactive electric guitar to honor the 96th birthday of legendary musician and guitar innovator Les Paul.

The doodle is definitely a whole lot of fun, but can also be incredibly addicting. For anyone who hasn't spent the better part of their working day trying to figure out how to play Mary Had A Little Lamb on Google's incredibly awesome doodle, here's a crash course to help you rock out on your desktop.

Lesson 1: Notes
The Google guitar can play 10 notes, starting with a low G and climbing up to a high B. To play, either strum over the doodle with your mouse or use the keyboard icon to play using, you guessed it, the keyboard.

and its corresponding numerical key, starting at the low G string:
  • 1 = G
  • 2 = A
  • 3 = B
  • 4 = C
  • 5 = D
  • 6 = E
  • 7 = F#
  • 8 = G
  • 9 = A
  • 0 = B

And here is how those notes correspond to the doodle itself.

Remember, the Google guitar includes one F#, so you can play a G major scale.

Note: Google guitar's keyboard function also works using corresponding letter keys down the rows of the keyboard, meaning that low G can be played using the 1, Q, A and Z keys, the low A can be played using the 2, W, S and X keys, and so on.

Lesson 2: Chords
Now that you know your way around the notes, it's time to mix things up with a few chords.

G Major = 1, 3, 5
C Major = 4, 6, 8
D7 Major = 4, 5, 7, 9 (inverted for Google guitar)

With these chords, you can go ahead and practice your 12-bar blues in G:
D7 D7 G G

Lesson 3: Songs
Let's get this show on the road! Amateur musicians are already posting their greatest Google hits to YouTube, and with a little practice you too will be ready for the big time. This is where you can really make use of the doodle's 30-second record feature, and share your masterpiece with the Web.

Here's one video featuring three songs -- "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star," "Joy to the World" and "Lullaby" -- which you can try to replicate.

Lesson 4: Stairway to Heaven
Just kidding!

Did you compose a ditty on Google's guitar doodle? Send it to us by clicking "Send Photos/Video" in "Contribute to this story" below! We'll post the best songs.

Here are some of the best submissions so far:
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