How To Practice Intersectional Feminism Every Day

It's time to examine your privilege.

Feminism really is for everybody.

In a new video for MTV Braless, YouTube stars Laci Green and Franchesca Ramsey explain that intersectional feminism is integral to the larger movement because it looks at all women's issues -- not just the some.

"From it’s wee beginnings, the feminist movement has focused mostly on the issues of middle-class white ladies,” Green points out. And intersectional feminism includes "basically every woman that mainstream feminism has a bad habit of leaving behind."

Like these women:

MTV Braless

“How can a movement for women really be affective without addressing the needs of all women?” Ramsey asks.

Well it can't.

That's why Green and Ramsey put together a quick list of suggestions that make intersectional feminism easy to implement in your everyday life:

MTV Braless

“Privileges are places where we hold more power in society than others," Green explains. "For example, I’m white, I’m cis-gender, I’m able-bodied, I have a roof over my head and food on the table. These are privileges that not every woman has and that shapes my experience of the world.”

By examining these privileges and listening to one another we can all practice intersectional feminism.

And if you're still confused, Green says: “Strip away all the fancy language and all we’re really talking about is looking out for each other."

Watch the full video above to learn more about intersectional feminism.

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