How to Predict the Winner of the Superbowl From Your Couch

Although it is my family's habit to avoid watching all sports other than dinner table arguments, many of my readers have asked me how to use intuitive skills to pick the winners of athletic events.

Here are some techniques you many find handy in predicting the outcome of any competition, from business to sports!

Since you are already quite familiar with the names of the teams and even their jersey colors, you need to trick yourself (or someone who knows nothing about the game) into getting an intuitive, as opposed to a "logical, data based," answer. As all handicappers know, informed answers are a bit better than the flip of a coin but not good enough to risk the mortgage on.
Intuition allows your attention to get information about something that will happen, as if it has already happened without having old and perhaps faulty data to base it on.

For example, and I have to make these examples up guys, you find someone who has done the exercises in HOW TO RULE THE WORLD FROM THE COUCH and you ask them simply, At the last game of football this Saturday night, the happy team, what color jersey are they wearing or, to avoid your semi-trained intuitive being drawn to their favorite color out of habit, the enemy of intuition, ask: When the play offs are done describe the winning team to me by reporting to me everywhere your attention goes.

They may say (you can do this yourself but it is harder when you already have bias and information) I see bulls, I hear open vowels, I see a team leaders last year so this feels like a good thing. I see an injury mid-game, which makes everyone think the team, will loose and someone having to cover a position they are not used to. I like this person and I think the attention they will get from this will do good in their life in many ways, maybe help them mend a family breach that has been bugging them with a man. I see bright colors, which don't go well with the idea of bulls so maybe the jersey is a bright color but the state is known for its cattle instead of bulls being the name of the team.....

And so on.

Don't let the person think or stop what they are saying until they are so talked out they are a rag and do not make any assumptions until you have heard and documented all of the information.

Here is a way for you to do this yourself that is in my first book Practical Intuition.

Get a box of envelopes and a box of index cards. Have someone write the name of each team on an index card and have them put one card in each envelope. Have them seal the envelope. Make your target, or the time period after you would have gotten the definitive answer your "target" and hold the envelopes one by one taking notes on how each envelope did in the play off.

Do not open the envelopes or share your information until you have done this with a few people (you can attach another envelope for people to put what they wrote in).
When you are done, read them all and you should have enough information to pick your winner. Do not, I repeat, do not, stick to football oriented information. "Best public university for foreign policy" or "a state that has lots of lakes" may be just as important as a name or player number or whatever "y'all look for"

Remote viewing is also useful. Allow your attention to go to the next days sports page, a map of the USA with the state lighting up with joy, and so on.

There are may other skills in HOW TO RULE THE WORLD FROM YOUR COUCH that you can use to predict outcomes but start with these and have fun.

Try it out.

A good scientist is a skeptic who runs the experiment anyway... what do you have to lose..

How much did you lose last year?
This information is not to be used for gambling p


Laura Day is a one of the leading business intuitive forecasters in the world. She has been featured in: The Independent, Newsweek, CNN, Good Morning America, The Wall Street Journal, La Repubblica, Oprah and many other media publications