How To Prepare Your Home For Zombies

What are some simple ways I can protect my home and family from zombies? originally appeared on Quora: The best answer to any question.

Answer by George L Bowen, Director of Business Development at Gyft, on Quora.

Here is how you can prepare and secure your home against an assault from zombies."

This is fairly simple to do if all you are trying to accomplish is to create a home where zombies cannot enter.

Exterior Defense (you can get creative here): Prevent Zombies from approaching the home itself. This can be done with a moat strategy. I'd start with a tar pit moat. Zombies can't swim but MAY be able to walk under water BUT they will not be able to walk through the tar. Deep and wide is best, they also do not seem to be smart enough to engineer a bridge but it could happen by accident.

Then a fence, but a fence must be far enough from the home that if knocked over it will not strike the home.

Then the offensive defense fence. I would recommend 8 foot high rotating polls with 24" + saw blades spaced every 12" or so. This fence of death would be impossible to scale as it would chop anything up that touched it. You could probably rely on this alone but the bearings could fail or residual zombie corpses could push over a section.

Home itself should be cement or double/triple thick cinder block. NO WINDOWS, but double sided steel hatches, one opens IN and one OUT both lockable from inside. Perfectly smooth exterior and at least 20' high to prevent anything from scaling it to get to the roof. Deep basement wall continuation through ground and thick slab floor although I doubt they could dig as they do not seem to use any sort of tools.

MOST IMPORTANT PART: You need ventilation Without compromising entry through the ventilation ducts. This can be done through a lot of small ventilation holes, I'd do no larger than 2" vents with sturdy one way flaps with a very strong fan system to create a cross flow air environment through the home. Gas generators need their own exhaust and inlet systems.

You do not need to live for too long inside the structure as the zombies should die within a month, with residual new zombies dying off over a few months from lack of food. So stock pile about 6 months worth of food and water. Self composting toilet would be best, rain water could be collected through the roof.

This should easily get you through any assault. A backup panic room and plenty of firearms with large caliber rounds would be helpful. A 50 cal machine gun sounds like it would work BUT the noise would attract other zombies. Realistically a sniper rifle with a large silencer is optimal.

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