Of all the citrus fruit that comes into season come wintertime, there's none more darling than the clementine. When they're easy to peel, seedless and oh so sweet -- with a slight tangy note -- it's hard to not eat a whole pound in one sitting. Their only drawback is that they aren't available year round. Unless, that is, you do something about it. Like, can them.

Arctic Garden Studio

Not many people think to can clementines during the throes of the holidays -- we get it, there are lots of cookies to be baked -- but you'll be glad you made the extra effort when clementines are no longer an option in the produce aisle. It's pretty simple to do, too. You're basically just preserving the tiny slices in water or a simple syrup, depending on your preference. Just think of how good they'll taste on salads in the middle of February.

Food blogger Arctic Garden Studio shares on her site exactly how to do this. Head over there for her full instructions.

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