So THAT'S How You Pronounce 'Moleskine'

Or is it?
Alessandro Garofalo / Reuters

Chances are, you know Moleskine ― the name of the ubiquitous little journals found in nearly every Barnes & Noble/Starbucks across the land.

But do you know how to accurately pronounce “Moleskine?”

Maybe you pronounce it “mole-skeen, or perhaps, “mole-skin” or “mole-skyne.”

Or do you say “mol-uh-skeen-uh?” “Mole-skeen-y?”

Turns out, they’re all right, according to the company:

“Many Moleskine users send us enquiries as to which is the correct way of pronouncing the word ‘Moleskine,’” the company explains. “The answer is: There is no predetermined answer.”

They explain this as a way of saying that the Italian-based company is a brand with “undefined national identity. And that’s the way we like it.”

If that’s not enough for you, perhaps you can take the lead from the company’s CEO, Arrigo Berni, who can be heard pronouncing it, “Mole-uh-skin,” on PRI’s “Marketplace.” But then again, that could just be his accent.

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