How to protect your Home from Zombies

How to protect your Home from Zombies
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There’s all sorts of threats out there—including zombies—just waiting to get you. Today’s zombies look like the ones on TV and in the movies but the ones who walk amongst us are often addicted to hardcore drugs like meth amphetamines and other mind/body destroying chemicals. But you can fight the walking dead off with preparedness.


Zombies can swoop in with hurricane force, and they love windows. Board them up. But not before you install an alarm system that will detect busted windows and doors. Add bars to the windows for extra protection. If you have money left over, add steel shutters.


You can always surround your home with a moat full of crocodiles, but motion sensors will do just fine. A big dog will enhance protection. Complete everything with a metal fence and maybe even with barbed wire.

Lookout Point

You need to be at your house’s highest point so that you can observe what’s coming from the distance. The ideal observation location is the roof like a widows walk.


In the event of a zombie apocalypse, you must have a stock of water, nonperishable food, bedding, indoor clothes, towels, toilet paper and outdoor clothes. And don’t forget enough medications for emergency pain and pre-existing conditions.

Essentials also include tools like an all-everything knife, duct tape, a battery powered radio, a first-aid kit, map and compass, battery powered lights and an ear horn.


Zombies can come in the hundreds so it’s best to run the entire gamut with weapons: firearms, explosives, knives and bludgeons. Then practice using them: from grenades to swords to axes to golf clubs to pepper spray (although I’m not sure zombies are affected by pepper spray?). Make sure your weapons are strategically placed in your home so that you’re always within 10 feet of one.

Physical Condition

Finally, make sure you’re in tip-top physical condition so that when holing up in your house is no longer an option, you can make a mad dash for the hills without falling to the ground in exhaustion. You’ll need to be fit enough to leap over obstacles and keep on running. Or just run faster than the zombies and you’ll be fine.

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