How to Prove That Tax Bill Not Designed To Enrich Congress Or Trump

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A late breaking report has found, surprise of surprises, a last minute provision, slipped into the tax bill that, odd as this may seem, happens to be of enormous benefit to certain Senators and the President. Senator Bob Corker (R-TN) was put in the untenable position of having to state he has not read the bill he is voting on in order to avoid obvious self-dealing allegations.

Not read a bill that will have devastating impact on millions of his constituents, and other Americans!

There are two ways they can prove it was not designed for self-dealing. One, to the great relief of tens of millions of Americans, would be just to vote against it. Take up the complexities of tax law over months of hearings, and make it bipartisan.

That, however, appears cannot happen, lest the “Donors”, who pay for members’ campaigns will no longer answer pleas for money. There was a time when that was called “quid-pro-quo”, aka, bribery, but we seem not to live a world of laws, facts and accountability anymore.

So, Senators and President, what about proving the lack of self-dealing by adding this small provision: “notwithstanding any other provision in the bill, no Senator, Representative, President, Vice-President of Cabinet member, who hold those positions on the date this bill becomes law, may, for any asset owned now or may be acquired in the future, by him/herself , or by any entity in which he/she has a beneficial interest, apply the pass-through or real-estate income 20% deduction provisions in this legislation.”

If you are voting for this because it is so peachy-dandy for middle class Americans, and has absolutely nothing to do with benefits for yourselves that you did not even know were in it, prove it by excluding yourselves from these benefits.

How about it?