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How to Push Forward in Tough Times

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Creating a path forward in the face of thick resistance. It's not easy. When you face circumstances that oppose everything you stand for - you can't just turn away, and pretend everything is ok. Instead, harness your passion. And don't stop.

In this time following our US Presidential Election, I feel beyond disappointed, depleted and let down. The worst part is that it seems sometimes there is little I can do in response to that. It felt (and still does in many ways) like we have lost so much. Yet, we retain so much autonomy, within our individual voices and our freedom to express (more strongly than ever) the values we are passionate about fighting for. Today, in these tough times, it is more important than ever not to squander this opportunity.

We need to be strong, and more resolved than ever to stand up for what we believe.

If you're also feeling a continuing frustration, anger and maybe even resignation, remember that you're not alone. You absolutely must not give up your commitment to what you feel is threatened. It is also important to remind people that our new reality means that as individuals and as communities, we need to speak up, armed with more facts, patience and volume than ever.

We are fortunate to live in a country where we are free to do that. So don't waste the freedom afforded to us. Instead of throwing in the towel, charge forward with greater clarity and strength than ever.

Don't lose faith in what you can control
Don't lose faith in yourself, most critically. Stand up and take action, even small steps taken by many, can create transformational cultural shifts.

Continue to "cast your vote" every day by making informed, mindful choices about the words you choose, the organizations you support with membership, financial contributions or valuable time and energy.

Be educated
Take it upon yourself to learn. Commit to being smarter and more informed than you ever have been regarding issues you care about. Then spread the word with kindness. Patience and humility will take your message further than blame and anger. Show the world that truth shines bright, and in time it is undeniable.

Focus on silver linings & expand them
You're all too aware of the aspects of American culture that have been broken for too long. Don't be afraid to talk about it. Sharing from a place of kindness can help others open-up their perspectives, and creates possibilities that ignite change. Don't forget, we need to stand stronger and act more intentionally to model values that we believe are critical to creating a better future.

Be a proud, active member of communities committed to doing good, and engage in organizations that embody values you want to amplify in this world - whether they're focused on women's leadership, gender equality or any other form of social justice.

The awareness and realization of what has taken place might be frightening. But keep going. As Doctor Martin Luther King said, "Take the first step in faith. You don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step." It's daunting to recognize that many of the issues we're fighting for may not be resolved in our lifetimes. But in the face of this reality, fearlessly, confidently, we owe it to each other to shine light where there is darkness and bring as many others along to help as possible.

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