Pro Tips: How To Gracefully Quit Your Job (PHOTOS)

1. Point to yourself and say "You could've had this!"
sassy business man

2. Work in a glitter bomb if you can, tastefully.

3. Set up a stuffed animal at your computer and see how long it takes before someone notices you're gone.
stuffed animal computer

4. Wait until a quiet moment, then pop a balloon and say "I'm out."
pop balloon

5. Send a mass email to everyone on staff informing them that you're trapped inside your computer until a vindictive wizard decides otherwise.
trapped inside computer

6. Crouch down on the floor and crawl away, army-style, until you're out of the building.
office crawl

7. Sneak up behind your boss and whisper "I'll never forget you."
office sneak

8. Drop a ton of money at a magic store and puff-of-smoke on outta there.
magic smoke

9. Loudly play Semisonic's 1998 classic "Closing Time" while slowly backing away from everyone without saying a word.
scared office

10. Try to get everyone to form a midday conga line. If people refuse to participate, that's when you say "I've had it with your attitudes!" and hand in your two weeks notice. (In the unlikely event that you get the conga line going, lead it out of the office and then simply run away.)
office conga line

11. Make 24 cupcakes. Use four of them to spell out "Nope." And then you can eat the other 20.

12. Booze
office alcohol



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