How To Raise A Kid: A HuffPost Parents Conference

Watch the first-ever HuffPost Parents conference here!

Raising a kid, it can be argued, is harder than ever. Parents face scary realities on a daily basis — from bullying and gun violence to the influence of social media and tricky conversations about tough topics in the news. How can we help them navigate it all and grow up to be the kinds of kids we’d be proud to be friends with when they’re adults: honest, respectful, empathetic, resilient, intelligent, curious, self-sufficient, creative. In short: not assholes.

So at the beginning of this year, HuffPost Parents had a pipe dream that we could convene a group of like-minded parents to discuss how we find support as we raise the next generation of leaders.

Now, that dream becomes a reality, as we convene at The William Vale Hotel in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, for our one-day event called How To Raise A Kid. The event is aimed primarily at parents of kids who have survived the baby years and now have children who are starting to navigate the world on their own.

Please follow along with us via live stream above or on Facebook, and on Twitter and Instagram for behind-the-scenes moments you don’t want to miss!

We’ll start with a welcome by journalist and fellow mom Alicia Menendez, followed by a chat with our editor-in-chief, Lydia Polgreen, and soccer star Abby Wambach.

Throughout the day, we’ll have four dynamic, engaging panels, as detailed below:

And always stay in-the-know about raising good kids through our newsletter, How Not To Raise A Jerk and a Twitter list of today’s participants.

Some of what we’ll be talking about:

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