How to Reach Your Goals

There is only one way to accomplish your goals. And that is by diligently pursuing them, doing so relentlessly with determination and fortitude.
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There is only one way to accomplish your goals. And that is by diligently pursuing them, doing so relentlessly with determination and fortitude.

Diligence is the golden key of all worthy achievements, for it is the power to consistently and persistently engage our energies and efforts to their attainment. To be diligent implies giving constant, careful, steady attention to something. In other words, it means to know what you want, go after what you want and refuse to stop until you get what you want. This is the attitude that wins in life.

Everyone who has done something deserving of attention has employed diligence to make it happened. No one can be truly successful without this powerful force. Many of us make new goals every year. We call them New Year's Resolutions. What is interesting however is that some of these goals are the same ones we made the previous year, or even before that. We never attained them. They did not become reality. Amidst the fact that some goals and dreams take years to fully manifest, one cannot help to think that the obvious reason most goals are not realized is because the actions and sustained actions necessary to bring them to fruition are not implemented effectively and sufficiently.

Indeed it would be startling to do a survey as to how many of us have failed to realize our dreams, not because the timing was not right, but because we simply did not give our all and pursue them. In other words, we were not diligent.

Ask any successful person and they will tell you they won in life because they determined to do so. They will share with you the hurdles they had to over-come, the giants they had to slay, the challenges they had to face and the pressures they had to endure. They will convince you of, not just their victories, but also of their struggles, as they learned to push pass things which otherwise may have convinced them to stop, and just when things looked the worst, that extra push, that extra action, that determined drive made the difference and brought them into their desired place in life. No one wins without being determined to do so. Diligence is the master key to achievement.

Your goal is within reach if you are prepared to do what it takes, and do enough of what it takes to make it a reality. You actually have more for you than against you. The Great Creator of the universe is for your success. He is willing to help you and empower you so that you can see your dreams come to pass. But in the final analysis, whether you succeed or not is up to you. The choices you make determine your fate.

This is a point some do not want to accept and would argue with. After all, it is human nature to blame all seemingly bad happenings on God, regardless of the part that we had to play in the ordeal. The truth of the matter is that the Sovereign One so desires for us to win in life, He has provided the ways and means for us to overcome our negative situations and win in life.

So you and I have more for us than against us. We can see our dreams become a reality. We can enjoy life, experiencing the sweet taste of conquest and victory over and over again. We are able to defeat our giants, literally bursting through every limitation that presents itself, making a mark in this world which is never erased or forgotten. The question is not, Can my dreams come true? The real question is, Am I prepared, with God's help, to do what it takes to see them happen?

Successful people apply diligence to their goals and dreams. That is why they win in life.

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