How To Re-create Your Favorite Café Experiences From Traveling While At Home

In order to feed my travel soul and help others who want to do the same, I have come up with a few ways to re-create those café experiences had while traveling right within my own home.
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If you're anything like me, part of your travel style includes frequenting as many cafes as possible during your journey. After spending three years in Asia, I slowly but surely fell in love with the café culture, high quality cups of caffeine and the overall vibes that café hopping brought to my trip. Once I returned home, I struggled with wanderlust and nostalgia for afternoons in Seoul or Shanghai spent reading books and sipping delicious brews in adorable cafes. In order to feed my travel soul and help others who want to do the same, I have come up with a few ways to re-create those café experiences had while traveling right within my own home.

Playing Café Soundtracks

I've met quite a few online entrepreneurs who have downloaded soundtracks that emulate the noises heard in cafes in order to concentrate while they work from home. These aren't just the Nora Jones, laid back jams sort of playlists either but actually the real sounds that make up the background of every café. The playlists include noises like mugs clinking together, the muffled chatter of conversation, beans grinding, coffee machines working and the opening and closing of doors. Get your hands on soundtracks like the ones made by Coffitivity, Café Restaurant, and Tabletop Audio. It's a quick and easy way to bring the café right to your home.

Buying Quality Beans

A huge part of the café scene is having quality coffee and espresso readily available to you. The atmosphere is what makes the café intriguing but it's the brews that really make me want to stay. Do your research and order yourself some quality beans to make for yourself at home. Even though you are stuck in one place, the internet allows you access to the entire world and with a bit of online shopping, you can have quality coffee from Hawaii, Vietnam, Colombia, Indonesia and Ethiopia sent directly to your front door.

Installing Professional Machines

OK, so you may have been able to get your hands on quality coffee beans but it could all be for nothing if you don't have the proper equipment to make yourself a satisfying cup. Luckily for us, professional machines are just as easy to access as quality beans, getting your home one step closer to professional café status. Grab yourself a nifty pour over set or a full blown espresso making machine and start giving yourself some barista lessons. Try asking your friends and family to pick you up one for the holidays and promise to make them a nice strong cup in return!

Stocking up on Your Favorite Dishware

The dishware is just as important in your home café as anything else as it helps to create the atmosphere that inspires you most. Whether it's antiquated coffee mugs, mad scientist beakers or The Beatles themed saucers, you can use the dishware to create the theme for your very own café. And, since you probably love travel, you can even try going for a wanderlustly theme full of maps and travel icons to help soothe your adventure craving soul.

Creating a Mini Café Setup

Don't stop at the dishware and instead, create an entire space dedicated to your café. While it's not feasible for everyone, if you are able to find the space in your home, creating your own café can make the entire set up feel more real. Pick out your ideal furniture, wall décor and accessories until you're happy with it. Plus, it makes a great space for you to invite some friends over for coffee instead of meeting up at the Starbucks in your town.

Doing Café Activities While Drinking Coffee

What's more fun than doing actual café activities in the space you have created for yourself? Get up in the morning, make yourself some espresso and spend a little time each day reading, writing, studying or planning your next trip to explore more cafes in places all over the world!