How to Recycle Your Old Electronics This Holiday Season

How to Recycle Your Old Electronics This Holiday Season
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This is the perfect time of the year to get rid of older devices that are no longer performing as they should be. We tend to often times let these devices sit around in desk drawers or cabinets collecting dust, a bit unsure of what to do with them.

Were you aware that it is illegal in many states to simply toss your old electronics in the trash?

E-waste is known as the hoarding or disposing of used electronics. A very tempting solution, that is not an option for most, nor should it be. E-waste continues to grow at a disparagingly fast rate according to a study conducted by the United Nations University. Simply dumping out old electronics have devastating effects to the environment around you as well as in other corners of the world.

1 - Computers contain many chemicals and materials that are hazardous to the environment.

2 - For this reason, throwing away computers and electronics with regular garbage is illegal in many states. In 2011, Target had to pay the state of California $22.5 million as a result of improperly dumping hazardous waste, including e-waste.

3 - Most of the e-waste in the world, that isn't processed through a certified electronics recycler, ends up in 3rd world countries. Many of these countries are not aware, or are incapable of addressing, the environmental issues caused by dumped e-waste.

4- In 3rd world countries that improperly process e-waste, chemicals often seep into water supplies. These water supplies become polluted which poisons the people and livestock that live
near these dumpsites.

5 - In 3rd world countries that improperly process e-waste, precious metals are often 'recovered' by burning materials in open air fires which pollutes the air.

More reasons to recycle your Electronics from Turtle Wings.

What are the safer options for recycling your older devices?

Have you considered simply selling some of your outdated devices, or even trading them in?

This process requires a little less time and work on your end, and is a great way to make a little extra cash this holiday season, to upgrade your devices or buy a gift for a loved one.

Gadget Salvation

Gadget Salvation allows you to sell any electronics in any condition. Laptop, Cell Phones, iPhones, GPS units, mp3 players, video gaming consoles, etc.Broken laptop screen, cracked or smashed iPhone screen, the condition does not matter. The free shipping is just another added bonus.


For Amazon lovers, they are a great option, and a great way to get an Amazon Gift Card deposited to your account, for more great Amazon Shopping!

Amazon allows you to trade-in a wide variety of electronics, including hard drives, routers, and speakers.


Although Glyde charges fees, they are known for offering hiring quotes. You also have the option of being paid in Bitcoins rather than good ol money. Choose from Checks or direct deposit to simplify the transaction and get shopping!


With a lot of in-store drop off options in stores like Target, Next Worth certainly simplifies the process. Get store credit for drop off or money deposited into your Paypal account.

Public Programs, like nonprofits are also a great way to simplify recycling. Get in touch with your local government to discover some of the programs available to you in order to decrease E-Waste.

Call2Recycle is a nonprofit organization with over 30,000 drop-off locations. For a location in your area, enter your ZIP code at

Best Buy happens to have a nationwide recycling program, which means that you can walk in with your old electronics and drop them off before shopping for newer, better options. You can drop off items like batteries, televisions, power cables and more at one of the kiosks or customer service desks.

Of course, you have the option of going directly to the manufacturer is another great option. Brands like Dell, Lenovo, Toshiba, and Apple, have nationwide take-back programs, although some are better than others. For example, Dell takes back any brand and offers free shipping of it's products by FedEx.

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