How to Relax and Renew Yourself Right This Moment

How to Relax and Renew Yourself Right This Moment
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"Take rest: A field that has rested gives a bountiful crop." -- Ovid

Your spirit was created to thrive when given its own time of rest and renewal so that clarity and calm can settle into their rightful spaces for the day.

Slow down with me for the next several minutes and release. Do nothing with your body, except for this:

Close the door, find a comfortable place to sit -- whether it be on a cushion on the floor, in a carpeted corner nook or on a perch on your office chair.

Let your cells settle into a reverent space in quiet, just you and your systems and the renewing energy around you. Rest your mind and body's busy-ness, finding a thought of calmness and light.

Pay attention to your body and notice the muscles where you feel tension. Give them freedom for these moments.

Quietly check in with your jaw, shoulders, neck, tongue, eyes, chest, abdomen and thighs. Can you feel where you are clenched? It is time for you to give yourself permission to release it.

Read through the following while breathing gently.

Slowly, and with reverence.

Drop your shoulders... Relax your jaw... Release your neck... Relax your tongue...

Feel your shoulders and arms drop away from your ears... As you feel a calming current flowing through you... Rolling over your arms... elbows... and hands...

Allow your hands and fingers to dangle, releasing their tasks... to rest... to be free from doing.
Release the muscles through your abdomen... Unclench your sits muscles...

Relax your thighs... Feel the flow of relaxation float from your trunk... down through your bottom... and over your legs...

Granting gentleness to the strong parts of you... a reprieve from working.

Release the tension in your knees... Relax the muscles in your calves... down through your ankles...
Let your feet rest and loosen... feeling each tiny bone ease its tension...

Giving them a break from pushing themselves to move you... a moment to rest down.

Feel where you are placed and honor the grounding beneath you.
Grant your muscles, tissues and vessels a flowing gift of release.

Sit in this reverent place for this moment.
Close your eyes and breathe a few deep, meaningful breaths.

Breathe in "Rest... Release... Renewal."
Give your body a gentle, fluid permission to feel totally at peace.

Settle your mind.
Release the tightness around your senses.
Let the static in your head become a peaceful, flowing river of peace, caressing the rooms where your thoughts live.

Let your inner voice tell your spirit to float inside you in lightness, mingling with your cells and emotions with purposeful restoration...

Open your core to a sense of light blue tranquility... and see your spirit releasing a gentle golden glow.
Speak a oneness between your spirit and the energy moving around you, letting your light fill the space with compassionate acceptance.

Just be...

Breathe deeply... and slowly... paying attention to the air as it crosses your mouth and nose and generously enters your lungs.

Deeply. Gently. Exhale...

Accept the blessing of the renewed air entering your body.
Sit there with your light, your peace and your place. Love your body, mind and spirit for several moments.

Bless yourself with feelings of purity, holding no self judgment but complete freedom to be just who you are.
Because you are just who you are supposed to be in this moment.

Speak gratefulness to the Universe for breathing with you.
Speak gratefulness to the Divine for creating all of you.
Speak love to your spirit for the life within you...

Be here as long as your spirit asks...


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