How to Run Your Online Dating Life Like a High-Powered CEO


Make no mistake about it. The online dating world is just as ruthless, competitive, and heartless as the cutthroat world of business. Market yourself correctly, and you will have the power to enjoy all the benefits that online dating can provide. Fail, and you may just wind up wasting away the best years of their life, exhausted, frustrated, and feeling as if you are at a dead end.

In this article I am going to teach you how to avoid this fate by learning how to run your online dating life like a high powered CEO. They may be business visionaries, but the Marc Zuckerbergs and Steve Jobs' of the world have endless amounts of wisdom that can be implemented into many aspects of your life, including online dating.

1. Perception is everything

Love him or hate him, when the average person sees Donald Trump, they don't just see a man in an expensive suit and tie, they see a man who is business minded and financially successful. This is the image he projects at all times. On the other hand, if Donald Trump suddenly started taking selfies in front of the bathroom mirror and posting them on Twitter, the impression of Mr. Trump would change entirely.

In the online dating world, perception is everything. When you create a photo gallery, each picture is worth a thousand words. You need to take advantage of this opportunity by telling the perfect visual story of yourself.

When you post your pictures, don't put the sole focus on looking attractive. Make an effort to also reveal that you are smart, fun, open-minded, or any one of the multitude of qualities that most people tend to be attracted to. The more you are able to highlight what it would be like to date you visually, the better off you will be.

2. Be selective and only engage with those who can serve your relationship needs

The difference between high-powered CEOs and everyone else, is that CEOs don't do the chasing, they are the ones being chased for the opportunities to enter their orbit. For this reason, accomplished CEOs are very selective in regards to who they let into their circles.

Your approach to online dating should be no different. If you want to maximize your productivity online, be selective with the qualities you desire in a partner, and don't start settling for dates with men who you know in the long run you won't be compatible with.

3. A successful CEO always appears in complete control

Try to picture Steve Job's when he was alive begging someone to hear him out in a meeting. Or Mark Zuckerberg pleading with Twitter to join forces and take over the social media world. It would never happen.

The same should apply to the way you present yourself in your emails. Never even allow the thought that you are desperate or struggling to meet someone trickle into someones mind. This means you don't shower others with compliments or write emails of excessive length (In this day and age, anything more than seven sentences max in a first email is excessive).

Write your emails (and profile) in a tone that shows you are confident, fun, and just enjoying life, and avoid phrases such as "hope to hear from you," or "if you are interested." The more in control and confident you appear, the more those you are interested in will want to be apart of that great life you seem to have for yourself.

4. Simplify and perfect your marketing pitch

Steve Jobs came out with one of the most famous marketing pitches of all time when he introduced the I Pod. While other mp3 players were marketing their products by describing gigabytes and computer jargon that the average person didn't understand, Apple simply stated, "1000 songs in your pocket." Pure genius.

Men have short attention spans and want to know what they are getting immediately. So when you write your emails and profiles, market all you have to offer in ways that make the most of every single word, and communicate a clear picture of who you are as a person, and why you are different from the competition.

5. Innovate and create your own market.

Steve Jobs didn't build the biggest company in the world by following the competition. He stayed ahead of the pack and constantly revolutionized the world with his new products.

When you create your profile, don't post the hobbies and interests in the same cliche words as everyone else. Let that personality shine through. Innovate with language that pops off the page. Make your profile an experience that feels interactive. Capture their imagination in a way that nobody else can. The more you create a market that is different from what everyone else is selling, the better off you will be.

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