How to Scientifically Trigger His Emotional Desire For You Using THIS Technique

How to Scientifically Trigger His Emotional Desire For You Using THIS Technique
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Your worst enemy when it comes to creating white hot attraction with a man might be gut level impulse.

If you routinely trust your first “feeling” when you start dating a new guy… you could be making a critical mistake.

Here’s a simple technique you should be doing instead.


Don’t get me wrong.

Trusting your gut definitely has its place in a new relationship.


When it comes to creating attraction, your gut will usually betray you faster than a final four alliance on an episode of Big Brother.

Check out the video now, and let me know what you think in the comments.

Your Coach,Adam

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Here’s How to Trigger Emotion in a Man (Summary)

What I’m about to share with you is so counterintuitive, yet powerful, that it will forever change how it is that you interact with men.

You may already do this naturally, or it may be one of the most challenging shifts you’ll ever make in your dating life.

But I’ll tell you this…

Make this shift, and men will start emotionally bonding with you in ways you’ve never known possible before.

Here’s the thing:

When a woman begins to get emotionally involved in a man, her first instinct is to give, give, give whatever it is that she can to the man.

This is because women are innately very compassionate, caring, and giving.

If you find that you fall into this trap, you probably notice that many times the more you give, the less that he responds.

You might bake him cookies or buy him a t-shirt that you saw that made you think of him.

Although these things are really nice to do, they aren’t making him bond with you any further.

Here’s the simple shift to help you emotionally bond with a man.

The best way to bond with someone is not by doing them a favor, but instead by asking them for a favor.

Maybe you need some advice on how to deal with something at work.

Perhaps you just need some help fixing your washing machine that just broke at your home.

Or just maybe you need him to pick you up after work because your car is in the shop.

Making him invest his time, energy, and resources into you first, by asking for some type of favor is an incredibly potent way to emotionally bond with you.


Because it’s part of human nature. Science supports this.

In fact, in a research study where participants could either receive a lump sum of money or donate the money to a charity, they discovered surprising differences in neural activity.

While receiving money, activated the rewards system in our brain.

On the other hand, when people donated to charity, the same network showed even greater activity.

This suggests that our brains actually enjoy being a gift giver over being a recipient. By making him help you in some way, he’s going to start emotionally bonding with you even further.

Now, like I said, you can’t force him to give you a gift, but you can definitely ask him for small favors.

The easiest way to do this is by simply asking for some advice on something.

Get him to invest his time and energy into you first, and watch as he continues to fall deeper for you.

Have you ever tried doing this with a guy that you’re dating, without even thinking about it?

If so, comment below. I’d love to know how it went.

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