'How To Sell A Banksy" Documentary (VIDEO)

WATCH: 'How To Sell A Banksy' On How Art Goes From Street To Sold

How do you sell street art? A "Banksy" is worth millions, but he installs his pieces for free. The process from street to sale is a convoluted, chaotic, and sometimes criminal process.

A new documentary by Alper Cagatay and Christopher Thompson, "How to Sell a Banksy," explores the market behind the famed street artist.

The bizarre life of Banksy's art has been underscored in the past week with the reactions from both the establishment and fellow artists to Banksy's guerrilla pre-Oscar campaign promoting his own documentary, "Exit Through the Gift Shop." Last week, officials ripped down his billboard on Sunset Boulevard and over the weekend, his crayola shooter in Westwood was defaced.

And here... an instructional video on how to sell a Banksy and make bank.

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