How To Set-Up a Weekend Website, Even If You Are Overwhelmed By Tech

Are you ready to start an online business but all the tech and startup makes you feel so overwhelmed you don't even know where to begin? When I work with my clients I like to focus on getting the bare necessities down in order to start bringing in their own paying clients as quickly as possible. So what are the technological things we actually need to understand and complete in order to get your website up?

Well the truth is some people start their businesses without even having a website. Though it's so easy to get one up in a couple of days that there's no reason not to. Here are some steps to putting together a website over the weekend (or any 2 days of the week):

Choose a web host & software:

I personally use GoDaddy as my host and WordPress for my software. There's so many hosts to choose from so do some research on what will best suit your needs. This is also where you can buy your domain name if you haven't already.

As far as software, I very highly suggest WordPress. It is so incredibly easy to use and customizable, not to mention the most popular so a lot of themes and plugins will be made for it.

Pick an awesome theme!

There are tons of websites out there to find stunning WordPress themes. Find something that has the basic layout you are looking for, as well as some style and flare. The more similar it is to what you already have in mind the easier it will be to get your site up and running! Though remember that most aspects of the theme can be customized.

Look all over the web and add descriptive words to your searches (i.e. artistic wordpress themes) to help find exactly the feel you are looking for. A great starting place I would suggest is Theme Forest, they have tons of themes and I've had great experiences with them. Be sure that the theme you choose is mobile responsive!

Write out your pages (home, about me, contact, & work with me).

This will probably be the most time consuming part of it all. You want to take your time, but don't over think things. Also remember 'Progress, not perfection!', you can always go back and change things later. It's much better to move forward than to delay getting your website up waiting for the perfect wording to come to you.

Remember that words truly do have immense power, and copywriting is a skill. You want to try to connect as much as possible with people before they even meet you. The key is to get them interested so they want to learn more. We could obviously talk all week about different techniques (which I will talk more about in my group NBM).

The Home Page

This is the first page people will see so you want to tell them what you're business is all about, but don't overwhelm them. It's also nice to have your content on the page so people can get a good idea of the various topics you talk about (if you don't have content yet, that's ok you will in time). Make sure it is eye catching and include images!

You'll also want to include a way to collect email addresses, so you can offer some sort of freebie and have an email signup form. If you don't have anything to give away at the moment, no worries, just ask them to opt-in to your newsletter and you can work on that later.

About Me

On this page people are looking for your story, they want to meet the person behind the business. Although it says 'about me', you really want to make it more about them. How do you help them? What can you teach them? Why do they want to work with you?

That's not to say you won't talk about yourself, your background and credentials. You just need to be sure to keep them in mind and show them how it all applies to them. Show how your transformation can become their own.


This page should be short and sweet! You can either have a form for people to fill out questions or give out your email address for them to contact you directly. You'll want to include your social media links as well.

Work With Me

Here you want to layout the different ways in which people can work with you. Be sure to explain the benefits of each one, and not just what they are getting. Paint the picture of what it will help them achieve, how life will change from working with you. Always remember they are buying the results, not the service or product. Include pricing, it's just annoying when you can't find the price.

Get some kind of headshots (they do NOT have to be professional or expensive).

Pictures can really speak to people, and it's something I would suggest investing in eventually. If you are just starting off going out and spending a bunch of money on your website and photos is not the best move. The best thing you can spend your money on in the beginning is education. A coach or program is going to get you much quicker results than a flashy website!

You can use photos you already have or get a friend with a fancy camera to shoot a few pics of you. That'll do just fine at this stage in the game!

Put it all together.

Now you just need to upload your theme, set up your pages and add text, then fill in your photos!

There you have it, if you follow this list you'll have an awesome website in no time and be ready to start drawing in clients! For more info join my online community New Breed Of Mom {Mompreneurs w/ Huge Dreams} where we will dig into this topic deeper.

Happy web-designing!