Shop for a Bridesmaid Dress That You’ll Wear Again

Love is in the air, and the wedding invites are pouring in, it seems every month there’s another invite in the mail. Celebrating the first day of the rest of your bestie’s married life alongside her is a happy, celebratory time. But with those invites often comes the big question, “Will you be my bridesmaid?” And of course, the answer is yes. Always, yes! But then comes the not-so-easy task of finding a bridesmaid dress that will be the perfect color, the perfect cut, the perfect everything, and a style that all six ‘maids can agree on.

Which one should you buy? How much can you afford to spend on it? How much should you spend? Should you get one that can be worn again sometime? How will all six bridesmaids agree on a dress that you might get some use out of again? It’s not an easy feat.

Here are 4 Tips to Getting a Bridesmaid Dress That You’ll Wear Again and Again

1. Skip the typical “Bridesmaid” section

If you head over to a store’s bridesmaid collection, you will end up with a one-hit wonder. Instead, find modern and sleek dresses that are available in solid colors. Have it custom tailored for a perfect fit, and you’ll end up with a beautiful dress for the wedding that you can style differently for other occasions. These are dresses that you can don for the wedding, look stunning in all the bridal party snaps, and then rock again at a gala, the opera or a formal dinner party.

2. Walk away from the taffeta or crinkle chiffon, please

These fabrics scream bridesmaid dress. And trust me, you can’t hit the club wearing a crinkle chiffon dress, ever. No matter which belt or accessories you may add, this dress is never going to look like anything but a bridesmaid dress.

3. Look for dresses that are on trend or classic

If you look for subtle features that are currently on trend, such as one-shoulder dresses, you will get more wears from the garment simply because you’ll have more options. Similarly, you’ll have the same flexibility if you pick a classic style that is always in style.

4. Stick to neutrals

Of course, color selection is up to the bride, but if you are one of the lucky bridesmaids who has a say in the selection process, lean towards dresses in neutral colors such as beige and tan or wine and navy for darker options. You will most likely never wear a lavender dress after the wedding day. Skip the poofy dresses in pink and purple shades. Of course, this advice doesn’t apply if you do wear these colors regularly.

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