4 Ways You (Yes, You!) Can Sleep Like A Baby

Here's how to get the sweetest sleep.

There’s something totally peaceful about a sleeping baby ― even if you didn’t soothe the little one to sleep yourself.

Maybe it’s because babies can literally sleep anywhere. Or maybe it’s because some babies actually smile in their sleep. Or maybe, most of all, it’s because babies love sleeping with the people who love them.

Yes, it’s OK to have sleep envy...

Or even better, catch some quality Zs yourself. This HuffPost Rise video explains four things you can do today and tonight to sleep like the littlest humans.

First up? Make sure to get some exercise during the day. Experts think one of the reasons physical activity helps you sleep is because it raises your body temperature temporarily, allowing it to drop later on (when it’s time for you to sleep). Plus, exercise can reduce stress and tire you out. Read: Your workout is basically prepping you for good sleep!

Just pay attention to how late in the day you’re hitting the gym. Working out right before bed can be a great evening routine for some people, but pumping iron too close to sleeping time might make it harder for others to unwind.

Watch the video for more tips on how to get the sweetest sleep.

Sarah DiGiulio is The Huffington Post’s sleep reporter. You can contact her at sarah.digiulio@huffingtonpost.com.

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