How to Snapchat

How to Snapchat
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With the holiday season right around the corner, are you ready to impress your friends and family with your Snapchat skills? If you’re new to the game, rest easy, we’re teaching you How to Snapchat.

<p>You too, will be wearing a flower crown in no time!</p>

You too, will be wearing a flower crown in no time!

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Want to get started snapping but too embarrassed to ask? Are you one of the “olds” or just new to snapping in general?

Well don’t worry, because my pal Arielle and I are ready to show you the ropes of Snapchat.

In no time, you’ll be snapping, filtering yourself like a dog, and geotagging your way to Snapchat stardom.

We’ll show you these Snapchat basics:

  • How to get started with a user profile
  • How to send a snap
  • How to send a snap to your story and to your friends
  • How to watch your friend’s stories and “Discover” stories from your favorite media channels, magazines, and newspapers
  • How to write and draw on a snap
  • How to add filters and geotags (aka make yourself into a dog or wear a flower crown)

Check out our “How to Snapchat” tutorial video* now, and save yourself the embarrassment of asking the cool kids.

Video not showing on your device? Click here to play.

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*Shot entirely in Snapchat on iPhone 6.

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<p><em>Other awesome pics you, too, can create in the world of Snapchat</em></p>

Other awesome pics you, too, can create in the world of Snapchat

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