How To Solve A Problem Like The GOP Debate

Seventeen candidates. Two debates. One Donald Trump. What's it going to take to survive and move on?
So, that happened. On this week's podcast, we game out the survival strategy for the 17 GOP candidates who hope to succeed in August's debate, check in on the progress Congress has made on the highway funding bill, and note the irony of Phil Gramm returning to Washington to testify against Dodd-Frank. 
Listen to this week's "So That Happened" podcast below:

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Some highlights from this week:

"I don't think they'll ever make it past this cut-off. ... It establishes them as being underdogs, but they're not even underdogs at the big table debate." — Lauren Weber on the tremendous disadvantage that participants in the GOP's "losers bracket" debate will face on the road to the 2016 nomination

"The [Society] of American Civil Engineers said that it costs the economy $101 billion by just having people sitting on the roads all the time in congestion ... that's just money lost because of how poorly the roads are and the constant congestion." — Laura Barron-Lopez on the back-of-the-envelope costs of not having an adequately maintained highway system

"The reason AIG [failed] is that ... regulators were prohibited from taking a look at these things called credit-default swaps. And the man who wrote the legislation saying you couldn't do that was....?" —Zach Carter prompts the panel for the correct answer, Sen. Phil Gramm (R-Texas), who came to Washington this week to complain about financial regulation

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This podcast was produced and edited by Adriana Usero and engineered by Brad Shannon, with assistance from Christine Conetta.

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