How to Speak Tumblr

As a 14-year-old girl, I spend a lot of time on the Internet. Whether that's watching YouTube videos or listening to music or catching up on the latest gossip about One Direction, I spend the majority of my time surfing the web. Recently, I've gotten into social networking -- mainly Twitter, but Tumblr as well. And I've found that they've got an Internet language. There are many words that I still get confused on when seeing, but I've become more "in the know" of this language. So here's a guide to Internet speak.

Shipping. "Shipping" is a verb. And when you ship people, it has to be two people; you just simply put them into a relationship. And they can be from anything. For example, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson create "Larry Stylinson."
Fandom. A fandom is a group of "fangirls." They are all in love with the same group or program or ship. For example, the One Direction fandom is shortened to the Directioner Fandom.
Fangirl. This is a person, usually a girl, who is so in love and obsessed with something they can't physically deal with it and everything reminds them of it. A Directioner is a single fangirl from the Directioner Fandom.
Fanfiction. Right. This is something I've gotten very much into. It's fangirls writing a story based on a fandom or ship. For example, there is a Hunger Games fanfiction that I've read and its taken all the best ships from The Hunger Games and stuck them into a normal high school.
Too many feels. So this is when something is so amazing that you have so many feelings built up that you can only utter those three words to explain how you're feeling.
Derp. Oh, derping... So this is when you make a really awkward, inappropriate and seriously unattractive face. It is considered a derp. If you're doing an awkward, inappropriate and majorly unattractive action, you are considered to be "derping."
Asdfghjkl. This is an alternative to "too many feels."
Hnng. Oh, this is like when -- so I'm a girl so I'm using a male as an example but it can be a girl -- a really attractive guy walks past and you're just there going "hnng." There can be as many n's as you want but the more n's there are, the hotter the person is.
Beef. It's when there's an argument, usually online, and then there's an awkward person who just chips in with the statement "BEEF" -- just to accentuate the fight.
Tumblr person. A Tumblr girl is basically a girl that is perfect. She is stunning and perfect. They usually have long hair, wear creepers tights, denim shorts and a shirt with a denim, leather or camo jacket. This is usually with statement earrings and those beanie hats for girls. The boys have six packs and are just overall attractive. They are either topless with jeans or have a loose vest that shows muscle.

So I hope you now understand the world of Tumblr and Twitter a bit better now. There are tons more but if you know those ones, you'll at least fit in a little on these sites. There are literally hundreds more, but they are the ones I find most handy! Anyways!

All my love,
Anna x