How to Start Practicing Holistic Wellness

How to Start Practicing Holistic Wellness
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Ever since the new year started I have been on a mission to take care of myself inside and out. I started doing yoga again, started cooking, eating healthy natural food, keeping a bullet Journal and really staying on top of myself. The world is in a tumultuous place right now but the one thing we can control is how we treat our bodies, our minds and ourselves.

I used to think that holistic wellness was a state of perfect being that I could never attain but bit by bit, step by step, I have started on a journey I don’t ever want to deviate from. Holistic wellness and self care have improved my mental health, my love life, my work life, and my school life. I believe everyone needs something different to make themselves feel 110% happy, but these five things are a great place to start.

Be well, be happy, and don’t be afraid to start! It’s never too late to take care of yourself:

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Sign up for yoga classes or look up tutorials online for different poses and exercises. Listen to your body, pace yourself, and put in as much as you get out. Yoga is a spiritual journey, not a race.

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Use your food budget wisely to buy healthy food that you can cook, preserve, and spread out over several meals. Buy organic when you can, but if it’s too pricey find healthier alternatives. Buy from local farmer’s markets, cook with loved ones and save some leftovers.

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Practice a natural skincare routine. The goal is to do it each morning or night but start slow and don’t kick yourself if you get off the routine, just get back on it when you can. Use slow, circular movements across your face, avoid products with sulfate, parabens or added chemicals. Places like Lush, Whole Foods, Scratch Goods and Skinfix are all great places to start for whatever skin type you have.

Make your bedroom a safe haven, not just to sleep but to escape for awhile. Make sure to open the blinds, have extra comfy pillows and heavy blankets. Splurge on some soft slippers and fuzzy socks, get a nice bathrobe and treat yourself each day. Moisturize your hands and feet each night before bed and buy a silk pillow case to sleep in luxury.

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Journal. Make a bullet Journal, keep a diary, make to-do lists or keep a gratitude jar. Make sure to remember the positive aspects of each day, pray for those who need help if that’s something you do, and spread joy wherever you can!

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