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How To Start Your Week Off On The Right Foot When You Ended Your Weekend On The Wrong One

You’ve heard the saying: “A Sunday well-spent brings a week of content.” But what happens when your Sunday wasn’t so well-spent? A lot of people struggle with regular “pre-Monday jitters” that have them always on edge at the beginning of the workweek. Others just have the occasional hectic Sunday and don’t feel quite recharged come Monday morning. Today, I was among the latter group. I straight up felt like I needed a weekend do-over, and since one isn’t coming my way for about five days, I knew I needed to shift my mindset before I wasted a whole day with leftover frustration from yesterday.

So what’s a girl to do?

Play that song. Pump those jams. You know the song. The one that gets you psyched no matter what the circumstances. I always recommend having a “commuter playlist” ready to go to get you in a better mindset for the day ahead. Gather your power songs, those ballads you love to belt out, and throw in a couple of fun oldies for a mix that will have you smiling ear to ear by the time you reach the office. What Sunday blues?

Set an intention. This is the part where you decide that your yesterday will not affect your today, and resolve to move forward. Write down 2-3 goals and intentions to push you out of your bad weekend-funk and propel you towards success in the new week. Remember that one bad day does not a bad life make.

Look the part. Even if you’re tired, take the time to dress in a way that makes you feel fabulous. Put on your favorite outfit, style your hair, throw on your fancy jewelry. When you look your best, you feel your best. If you appear ready to conquer the day, you WILL conquer the day. Take a tech break. This is so my number one go-to that I probably should have put it first on the list. The second I feel my anxiety level start to rise to the point where I feel like I’m losing control and I’m about to say or do something regretful, my phone goes off. I engage in some other stress-reducing activity like reading, writing, or walking until I’m calm and I feel like I can handle other people again. Maybe it’s an introvert thing but to me, nothing brings me back to center like not looking at my phone for an hour.

If you’re feeling down and you really need a win, momentarily shift your perspective and look for a win you’ve already got. Maybe your coffee was awesome this morning. Maybe you didn’t hit any traffic (woohoo! you know that’s a win). Maybe your boss complimented you. Find the blessings in your workday and own them, and remember there’s another weekend right around the corner.