How to Stay Mindful in the Midst of Hatred in the Middle East and the World

How to Stay Mindful in the Midst of Hatred in the Middle East and the World
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"You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one,
I hope someday you will join us, and the world will be as one."
John Lennon -- Imagine

With the escalation of bloodshed in the Middle East, so is the escalation of hatred throughout the world. There is so much division and dissent between people who are supporters of Israel defending itself, and those that are anti-Israel, and sympathetic to the Palestinian casualties in Gaza.

People, as we know, will never agree on everything, and even if they feel passionate about what they believe is right in the current, heartbreaking situation in the Middle East, what we have come to see out of all of this differing of opinions is that we are more divided now in the world than we were before this feuding began there a few weeks ago.

What good can more hate possibly do for us when we're trying to put out the fires of hatred that already exists?

Is it at all possible that instead of fueling the fire with more hate on the planet, that maybe, just maybe we can have a "cease fire" to the hateful feelings we hold in our hearts towards one another because we feel one side is right and the other is wrong?

The only solution, in my opinion, is if each and every one of us stops adding our two cents to who we think is right or wrong, and instead find a "peace solution" in our hearts that can hopefully have a powerful affect on bringing us closer together in the world than pushing us farther apart. If every one of us offered up and encouraged love as a solution, then maybe our thoughts of love can touch one person at a time, which can create a rippling affect, and reach the Middle East and awaken love in EVERYONE'S hearts once and for all because this ongoing feuding isn't working, hasn't worked in all the years before, and will not work in the future.

Here are some ways to let our love speak instead of hate:

1. Observe your emotional charge when watching or listening to media coverage on the Middle East.
2. Do not react to what you're feeling.
3. Allow your thoughts of hatred, anger, disgust or whatever you're feeling to be present, but remain an observer of them rather than a reactor.
4. Try and stay neutral in your political opinion and reserve judgement of the side you don't support.
5. Feel compassion for everyone on both sides while watching or listening to any media coverage.
6. When talking to others about the Middle East situation, try and take a position of considering both sides of the argument.
7. Visualize yourself as an Israeli, and a Palestinian, and what that would be like for you. Again, try and remain the observer, not the reactor.
8. Pick someone you can role play with. One of you be an Israeli, the other a Palestinian. Instead of arguing, try and convey what you want to say with love. End your role playing by teling each other that you love them. Reverse roles.
9. Get a group of people together, and create a community where you can meditate, and share ideas of love as a global solution. Pray for the Middle East.
10. Meditate daily. Use love as your mantra.

Love conquers all. That may be cliche, but we have nothing to lose by trying it. If anyone has a better solution for how they think this problem in the Middle East can be resolved, say it with love, not hate.

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