How to Stay Motivated to Write Your Book

It doesn't matter if you are just starting out or if you regularly produce a couple of books per year, you can probably relate to the issue of motivation.
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Have you set a daily word count for yourself, perhaps a weekly goal? Do you find your creativity and motivation depleted because you feel behind when you don't reach it? It doesn't matter if you are just starting out or if you regularly produce a couple of books per year (no one likes a bragger), you can probably relate to this issue.

In my attempt to jump start my own bout of procrastination and my desire to stay committed to write 500 words a day, I reached out to my network on Facebook for insight. I loved the feedback and wanted to share it with you in the hopes that it created a spark of inspiration. Thank you to all of you who were so helpful and generous with your support!

I just write anything to stay in the habit. Sometime if I feel uninspired I will write about a dream I had, a drive I took, or a conversation I had. It keeps me in the mode. -- Katrina

How much longer will you make the world wait to hear the message that God entrusted you to deliver? -- Lynn

I channel Steven King -- Edward

A quiet room and ask the invisible to reveal itself to you. -- Charlotte

I use my alternate personalities to write, pick one a day since I can't rely on me everyday to want to do that I find them within!! -- Pamela

Our inspiration comes in the form of the deeply held belief that someone else, right now, is writing the same book, and they could beat us to market if we don't hurry. -- Jon

I go for a hike/walk in nature. I sometimes carry a pen and small notebook so I can clearly capture. Water also opens up my mind -- swimming, the shower, a bath. -- Cindy

I have a set schedule and hold myself to it. I once sat next to Jeff Nathanson (Catch Me If You Can, Indiana Jones, etc.) at Starbucks and he just stared at the screen for 2 hours, then wham, the gates opened. Be kind to your creative side and let it flow. -- Eric

I think about what is relevant a current for me or my clients and find a way to write about it. There is always something going on that I can be philosophical about. -- Debra

I find that using the first hour or so of that uninterrupted writing time for unstructured journalling/free associating helps me to get the wires that when I turn to the writing task at hand. -- Don

Make it something that is a habit for your good health you need to do it for your higher good and greater joy! Plus you have to get it done to make room and time in your life for your next great idea! -- Amy

Pretend it is like great sex! Writing and sex are both about being in the moment, being in the flow of energy. Also, pray to your personal muses. -- Laurie

Release yourself from the expectation that they have to be a perfect, brilliant 500 words. Just show up each day and do your best for that day. -- Spring

I think about the people who will be reading the book and taking them along on the journey with me. -- Edie

For me, when writing wanes, it is usually because a bigger/deeper/truer thought than the one I have in mind is trying to break through. So I hold that possibility and look for it. -- Robin

We are all in this together. Did I leave anything out? Do you have a method that works for you? Please share it with the author community by posting a comment below.

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