10 Ways to Stop Procrastinating on Your Dreams Once and for All

So slacking is not an option. Procrastination is not an option. Lazing on the couch is not an option. So what can you do to help yourself push through and move past this resistance? Here's how to stay on track (even when you're struggling with procrastination):
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Once upon a time, you had dreams. Big dreams. You started building those dreams. Never stopped. Day in, day out. But at some point, you started slacking. You're not going hard at it. You work at it when you feel like it. In fact, some days you never get your butt off the couch and do anything. You rationalize: "I'll do it tomorrow."

But tomorrow turns into later, and later is eventually forgotten. You've heard before that to keep the fire burning, you must keep the wood burner stocked with wood. You know that you must get off the couch and work hard. Real hard. You can't let the fire burn out.

So slacking is not an option. Procrastination is not an option. Lazing on the couch is not an option.

So what can you do to help yourself push through and move past this resistance?

Here's how to stay on track (even when you're struggling with procrastination):

1. Let confidence be your companion.

Don't let self-doubt settle in. What you started was your idea. You were proud of it then and still are, but you've hit a snag. You doubt that you can achieve your dream and it's impossible for you to comprehend this possibility.

Before the buzz fades off, remind yourself why you started in the first place. Think about how it could change your life and your chances of thriving.

2. Ask for help when you feel challenged.

Challenges are scaring you and pushing you to retreat. For example, you tackled the initial steps toward your dream with ease, but now you've hit a roadblock. You feel challenged, and you aren't sure of how to proceed.

Get off the couch, and ask for help. Experts are everywhere; you just have to look for them.

Also, you can hire an assistant or coach if you have extra cash.

3. Ditch perfectionism.

You've criticized yourself for little mistakes so much that you're paralyzed.

Perfection keeps you from taking action and getting things done -- nothing will ever be perfect, anyhow. It's an impossible standard.

Be gentle with yourself because if you don't, your dream will be buried and forgotten.

4. Track your time.

A day has only twenty-four hours. Each wasted minute cannot be recovered.

Time is just like money. Let's say you track your time and find that you are spending less time on your dream and more time on other things -- you can adjust those times accordingly.

5. Stop comparing yourself to others.

Comparison is bad stuff. You've withdrawn because you think your competitors have better ideas to offer than you do. You feel intimidated, and you have formed a mind of failure.

But you're failing because you have stopped working like you used to. Where you are now was once a place you envied to be, yet your envy of others more successful than you is stopping you in your tracks now. So get back up, work hard on your project, and make it as unique as you want it to be.

6. Shake off the haters.

Haters are here to stay. You have allowed them to get the best of you, and the only thing you know best is to retreat, do nothing, and feel defeated.

But you must ignore the haters and move on.

Keep those friends who watch your back closer because you'll need them when you do the shake off.

7. Prioritize your work.

You have a thousand and one things running around in your mind. You can't keep track of the original plan. You're exhausted and aren't progressing. Exhaustion and zero progress have pushed you to the couch.

Tame your mind and focus. Prioritize and complete one project at a time. Start with the hardest and then the easiest. Before you know it, you'll have moved mountains.

8. Let failure be a learning curve.

Failure is part of life, but sadly it's pushed you to retreat.

Don't let failure sabotage you from moving forward. Bear in mind that sometimes success comes after struggles and numerous failures.

If you fail, don't give up. Take it as a learning curve, and go back to the drawing board.

9. Stop giving in to family and friends.

You spend time defending your dream to your family and friends. They think you're crazy, and you have actually believed them and stopped working on it.

Dismiss them, and let them think you are crazy, but you've got to rise up and continue working.

10. Don't quit your full-time job.

Your dream is costing more money than you expected. You thought you would quit your job and survive on your savings. Unfortunately, you've realized you have to work much longer.

Working your regular job and putting in many hours on your dream has pushed you to slow down.

You've started taking mini vacations here and there while projects await completion.

But don't forget that your dream is a gradual process, and you have to put in many hours, especially if you are starting out.

Being your own boss comes with a price to pay. Not having a boss means doing what you love doing. What you love doing will require you to sacrifice your time to build it.

Your Dream Is Waiting for You.

But you must get up and work harder with full enthusiasm.

You have what it takes; now take action.

You alone have the strength and the patience to reach the stars.

Courageously strive to go for what you want, and believe that you can succeed.

It may be tough, yes, but the journey is worth it.

And don't forget to cheer yourself on as you make small progress.

Discipline yourself to do the hard things now, and you will benefit in the future because you will have attained the discipline to achieve your dreams.

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