How To Stop Snoring, In One Simple Chart

How To Stop Snoring, In One Simple Chart

You may not know if you snore at night, but your partner sure does.

And while their complaints are rarely phrased kindly or well-received, they shouldn't be ignored. Snoring can be a sign that you're suffering from obstructive sleep apnea, and left undiagnosed and untreated, it can lead to high blood pressure, heart problems, diabetes and depression.

The UK-based Sleep Matters Club recently teamed up with the British Snoring & Sleep Apnoea Association to create an infographic that helps both snorers and their partners through this challenge. The visual helps you learn what kind of snorer you are, and how to use that information to choose the best sleep solution for you. They even share lifestyle tips and weird suggestions that go beyond anti-snoring products to make the change as comfortable (and effective) as possible.

Check out "How To Stop Your Partner Snoring" below -- trust us, your partner will thank you. Sweet dreams!

snoring infographic

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