How To Stop Yelling At Your Kids

Yelling might be the easiest method, but I promise you it isn’t the best method.

I recently wrote a post about why you should stop yelling at your kids, but it is way easier said than done. Kids really know how to push their parents’ buttons and test all of the limits. Parents get overwhelmed, and yelling feels like the only way to release the anger and calm down. It might be the easiest method, but I promise you it isn’t the best method. Here are some ways to deal with your anger in motherhood before you start yelling at your children.

Walk away from the situation.

If your kids aren’t in any danger and you feel like you are about to explode, simply walk away. Go outside and remove yourself from whatever is triggering the anger. If you have time or someone else to watch the kids, go for a walk or any exercise. This is a great way to diffuse anger!

Take a few deep breaths.

After you’ve walked away and are outside or by yourself take a few deep relaxing breaths. This will help you regain your composure and calm yourself down.

Think about the situation clearly.

How should you handle it? Should there be punishments? This is the time to either think it through yourself or discuss it with your spouse. Do this AFTER you’ve cleared your head.

Talk about it out loud.

Call your spouse, a friend, or your mom. Sometimes we tend to build things up in our minds and overreact. Talking about it out loud can help put things into perspective.

Play with your kids.

I totally mean it. Lay down on the floor with them, have a dance party, or a tickle fight. I promise you will instantly feel more relaxed and whatever was bothering you will not seem so important anymore.


Stop everything you are overwhelmed with and turn on a movie. Snuggle with your kids and put everything else aside. Some days we just need a break from life and that is 100 percent okay!

Try these methods out and I hope at least one of them will work for you. You’ll be a happier mother because of it!