How to Survive a Migraine at Work

Don't throw in the towel just yet. There are ways to survive the day. Try these seven simple strategies to save your next workday.
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young woman have a headache....
young woman have a headache....

You have a critical presentation to deliver at the end of the day. The one you've been working on for months. And then it happens. That feeling when you know a migraine is coming. Today is definitely not the time for a migraine. Yet, like it or not, it's coming.

Don't throw in the towel just yet. There are ways to survive the day. Try these seven simple strategies to save your next workday.

When you feel a migraine strike, take action early. The quicker you respond the more likely you are to stop it in its tracks. Take your remedy as early as possible. Then take a minute to either go for a short walk or rest your head while it takes effect.

Do your best to adapt your surroundings to support your healing. Where possible, dim lights -- both in the room and on your computer monitor -- turn down the ringer on your phone and close your office door to minimize the irritations of light and sound.

During a migraine your concentration and productivity can be greatly compromised. Identify your crucial tasks for the day and either delegate or reschedule the rest of your responsibilities. Conserve your energy for your must-dos. Get them done as quickly and efficiently as possible. Now is not the time for perfection.

Dehydration can cause or intensify a migraine so keep a water bottle handy and drink up. Even small sips throughout your day can make a difference.

If you've recently skipped a meal, hunger may certainly have triggered your migraine and food could be a helpful remedy. Even if hunger isn't the culprit, small, easily digestible snacks/meals during the day can keep your energy up and nausea at bay.

Once the migraine has passed, give yourself time to fully recover. A "migraine hangover" is the final stage of a migraine and is very much real. The lingering exhaustion, weakness and headachy feeling take time to fully pass. Ease yourself back into work.

Prevention is the most powerful and effective way to eliminate migraines. Learn your personal migraine food and lifestyle triggers and create a plan to eliminate them from your diet and daily routine.

Alene Brennan works closely with clients to identify their migraine triggers - one of the greatest challenges for migraine sufferers. As a certified Health Coach, Natural Food Chef and Yoga Instructor, she develops a plan to prevent migraines through diet and lifestyle. She uses food as a form of medicine, incorporates easy and effective stress management techniques and creates a recipe for a happy, delicious migraine-free life. Receive a free copy of Alene's "Top 10 Overlooked Migraine Triggers."

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