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How To Survive: Living A Lifestyle Of Contentment

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By: Susan "Honey" Good

"If you have a garden and a library you have everything you need" ~Cicero

Yesterday, my ultimate concierge, who is a city boy at heart, turned to me and said, "I could live on a beautiful, secluded Island with you, Orchid and my library of books and be content."

I felt a wave of physical and emotional contentment sweep over me as I listened. I replied, "I would take my laptop and we would live in 'Hawaii by the Sea'."

We looked at each other and smiled as he returned to reading his book and I opened my laptop, my mind focused on the most important word, CONTENTMENT.

I thought to my self, as I placed my fingers on my keyboard... contentment is a very difficult word to define because, as the old adage says, 'different strokes for different folks'. But was I correct?

I leaned back into my chair and thought further about the word and remembered a time in my life when I should have been very discontent with my life and, darlings... I wasn't!

When I was a young married woman I was faced with a long lasting difficult situation. I realized, at my young age, that the way to combat it and be content was to acknowledge that 'the situation' would not stop me from living a fruitful life of contentment.

I was wise beyond my years. I suppose it was part wisdom and part my inherited gene pool of positivity. But whatever it was I knew I could make lemonade out of lemons and be content. And I swear to you darlings, I was happy.

I know many women are not content with their life 'situation' and for good reason. There are family matters, financial matters, health matters, loneliness, your children are stressing you out big time, you are overweight, you cannot stand the heat or you cannot stand the cold! What ever!!

Darlings, Contentment is the inner you! Only the you in you can create your self-contentedness.

Some of us have it. Some of us don't. But everyone does have the ability to harness it.

What I am telling you, darlings, is that it is not your unhappy situations that steals away contentment, it is how you meet your challenge. It is about the inner you; your attitude and finally your behavior.

I have a younger friend who wears a tattoo on the inside of her wrist. It says, 'Simply Be.' Without doubt and unquestionably this is a good place to start on your journey, darlings, to find what triggers contentment within you.

Do something GOOD today: find your contentment!

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