12 Necessities To Stock Up On For A Proper Winter Hibernation

For when it gets bear-y cold out there.

When winter hits, humans have it tough.

Bears can hibernate for half a year, and so can queen bees; alligators brummate -- even snails can hibernate for months.

And while we working stiffs don't really get a choice in the matter, we can still enjoy ourselves throughout winter with the proper hibernation strategy -- here's a handy checklist to make sure you have everything you need to survive and #thrive.

Lots Of Candles
Sometimes all you need to feel warm (besides a heater) is a nice layout of candles. Plus, if you grab summery scents, such as Dyptique's line which smells like roses or geraniums, or Nest's Ocean Mist & Sea Salt Classic candle, you can pretend you're on the beach somewhere warmer.
Colorful Plants
If you think all the pretty plants die off when it gets cold, you're dead wrong (some plants are just harder to kill than others). The African violet is one of the prettiest flowering "indestructible houseplants" we've seen and, even better, it blossoms in the winter when we need it most.
Soup Cookbook, Big Pot
Soup is one of the easiest and healthiest comfort foods around. Some of the best soup recipes are found in Yottam Ottolenghi's "Plenty," as well as Martha Stewart's "One Pot." You can also find great comfort food inspiration on HuffPost's Pinterest board. So grab your stock pot and get ladling.
Cozy Blankets
Courtesy Pendleton
A well-made wool blanket will get you through many winters, and we love anything by brand who set the standard more than 150 years ago: Pendleton.
Sled For Fun Times
Jeff Diener via Getty Images
Grab a sled, like the Flexible Flyer, which isn't too big for your apartment nor too small to fly out from under you at the slightest bump in the snow. Because seasonal depression is real, going outside is more important than ever during the winter season -- Get that vitamin D!
Extra Thick Socks
Moretti/Viant via Getty Images
There's something really great about looking at the freezing weather outside when you're in your bedroom wearing super comfortable, thick wool socks. Woolrich and REI have great selections.
Binge-Watching Subscriptions
There's no better time than winter to check out of reality and catch up on all the shows you read about social media the rest of the year: Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, HBO and all the rest belong in your hibernation squad.
Paul Bernhardt via Getty Images
This doesn't really need an explanation, but what if, while everybody's over at your place, a surprise blizzard hits and you have nothing to offer them? Best to have a cellar's worth of wine on hand to keep you and your friends warm and toasted.
Some Very Good Books
Leave those mass-market cheesy reads at the beach -- winter is for good, serious, cerebral reading. If you need help narrowing it down, we've selected 15 great books that debuted this year that were written by women -- or just read Patti Smith's "M Train" a bunch of times.
Home Workout Videos
It might be too cold to even look outside the window, let alone go for a run, but with the plethora of indoor workout videos -- and videos are everywhere online: Amazon Prime as a few, and YouTube obviously (just make sure you trust the advice of the trainer) -- you can grab a quick, 30 minute workout before you head out the door for work.
A Cuddle Buddy
Whether human or not, cuddle buddies are better when they're adorable. After all, it's cuffing season -- go out and get one (if no luck, there's always this Venture Heated Clothing Huggie Buddie Robe).
That Stack Of NYT Book Reviews
You know the stack: One day you had a floor and then the next day you realized it was swallowed by a monster pile of New York Times Book Reviews, T Magazines, New Yorkers, Economists and National Geographics, slowly and surely overtaking your bedroom from the ground up. Winter is perfect for tackling that thing.

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