How to Sustain Big Buzz for Your Book

Like every new prize, your book can't sustain the promotion it first garnered. Months after its release, your book needs to remain top of mind, and keeping it in the media spotlight takes effort.
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For months before and after your book is published you are living on adrenaline. You are doing everything you can to be the next big thing. But like every new, shiny prize your book cannot sustain the type of promotion and marketing momentum it first garnered. Months and years after its release, your book still needs to remain top of mind and keeping it in the media spotlight takes effort.

Media Connections

When contacting any media outlets, make sure to always tie your book content to the newsworthy topic as well as prominently display your book in your bio and signature.

Register as an expert: In a previous "Trend of the Times" post I mentioned how reporters are searching for credible resources for various news topics. Sign up with these sites and look for relevant pitch opportunities that match your book content with their needs. (PitchRate, Help A Reporter Out, and ReporterConnection)

Send out a monthly solutions page: Apply your book content to current topics by creating a one-page sheet that offers strategies, tools and tips that can be sent to media outlets. You should make sure your list is easy to skim while still provided a few introductory and concluding sentences for how your content (and book) can help the media outlet's audience.

Maximize relevant holidays and events: Send out a press release with useful information that could produce local or national interview opportunities. Your content may be perfect on how to reduce stress during the holidays, find the perfect mate around Valentine's Day or support a child's transition back to school or off to college.

Conduct a survey or contest:
The media is always looking to create interesting sound bits about what is on their audience's mind. Distribute a release providing your results and how you can help the majority of responders. For instance, results may indicate that 90% of the people surveyed end up going back to their ex-boyfriend or girlfriend at least once before finally ending the relationship. I would be able to give an audience tips on how to make a clean break in order to create space in their lives for their true soul mate.

Take advantage of the headlines: Contact your local media outlets immediately after hearing that a topic relevant to your book has made headlines. The local stations usually like to put a local spin on any national or international topic.

Tap into local market: If your content is relevant to local groups and organizations, send them a press release explaining how your book can help their members and offer to be a guest speaker for free. Ask to be featured in their announcements and newsletters so that your name and book cover get more visibility beyond the actual attendees.


Your content is great so why not find ways to repackage and distribute it through a variety of outlets.

Submit articles: Submit portions of your book by converting them into XX Tips/Tools/Strategies or How To....articles. Make sure you include your website and the title of your book in your bio at the end of the article. It is important to check with your publisher to make sure your "new" rewritten piece meets the terms of your contract. Check out eZines Articles and e-Articles

Add newsletters or e-mail campaigns: You can distribute small teaser pieces or stories from your book to your current email list and website visitors by including it in your weekly or monthly promotional collateral. It is a good idea to include media contacts to your distribution list so that they also get your relevant and useful content.

What have you done to promote your book after the initial launch? Please share your comments below.

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