How to Tackle Stress: Tips from Life Coach Kelsey Murphy

How to Tackle Stress: Tips from Life Coach Kelsey Murphy
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Procrastination. Stress. The dreaded, yet dear and near friends of mine. Every year, I tell myself I’m leaving the friendship behind. No more last minute stress or pulling all nighters to finish projects and papers. No more feeling angst. Yet, the pair seems to always find a way back into my life. Multiple deadlines, a balanced social life, work, adventure, exercise, family, school; I complain every day that there simply isn’t enough time! How can I plan my future and follow my big dreams while simultaneously contributing my very best in the present?

The reality is that there is enough time for the important stuff. When facing multiple deadlines and trying to live balanced, I’ve discovered a few helpful tricks. Most importantly, I’ve learned the importance of focusing on what matters and changing my perspective.

Personal and Professional coach Kelsey Murphy is living proof of persevering to follow one’s dream. She has carved a path for herself as a professional coach, helping people be there best selves. I recently had the joy of joining her Whiskey & Work community, “a community of ladies created to inform and inspire while finding some purpose, adventure, and a little bit of humor along the way”. Kelsey has created a strong, vibrant community of women from all over the world helping each other find meaning and purpose.

I asked Kelsey her advice on how to be on point when it seems like there is just too much to be done. She responded simply with:

“Manage your life, not your time- by prioritizing the meaningful stuff. Even if it's 15 minutes in the morning, take time to do the things that will impact your life, not just your day. We tend to get distracted by the busy, urgent work- when we really need to focus on the important, impactful work. Do that first thing in your day, put it at the top of your list and you'll feel much more satisfied come snuggle time”

So if you’re currently feeling overwhelmed, take it one step at a time and remember to change your perspective. Breathe. Remind yourself what matters. And begin to tackle each deadline with confidence and delight.

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