How To Take Care Of Your Health (according to the #1 Natural Health Expert)

What happens when you know how to take care of your health without running to the doctor for every little thing?

And what happens when you take full responsibility for your health?

Jane Barlow Christensen knows. She does just that.

Jane got a bit of a head start by growing up with a dad who was a medicinal botanist. He taught her and her siblings how to use food and plants as medicine.

They always had a big garden and made all their meals at home. This alone made an enormous difference in her health.

Jane started out in the exercise field. She taught classes, did personal training and owned her own gym.

But during her 20’s and 30’s she didn’t always eat as healthy as she was raised to eat. She ate lots of fast food, junk food and processed food. She drank lots of diet coke. She was fit from all the exercise she was doing but she was 40 pounds overweight and had major digestive issues.

And then four years after her dad passed away (16 years ago), Jane had a wakeup call when one of her sisters told the family that she was going to sell the herbal formulations that their dad had developed over his lifetime to another herbalist. The very formulations that had served as an herbal medicine kit over the years to Jane and her 13 siblings.

Jane immediately quit her corporate fitness job and restarted her dad’s herbal company with the support of her family.

Since then Jane has developed many herbal formulations of her own to accommodate demand from her customers.

Taking care of headaches, nausea, candida, parasites, viruses, fungus, warts, skin wounds, rashes and almost anything except trauma is all done by Jane using Mother Nature and plant medicine.

She raised her two sons using the same techniques she learned from her dad and empowers her son and daughter in law to do the same with her grandchildren.

Now in her 50’s Jane is in high demand to teach others what she knows. She’s releasing a course in January 2018 to teach people how to take care of their health on the level that she does.

She believes that it is a combination of natural and traditional medicine when it comes to taking care of her health. She does not discount the amazing, modern medical technology that can save and even enhance a life. But she also realizes having the knowledge she does puts the responsibility of her health squarely back on her shoulders. It’s not the doctors job to control her cholesterol, her blood pressure, her stress, her diet, her exercise etc. It’s her job.

And she wants to empower others who are interested and ready to do the same thing. People ask her all the time about her knowledge of herbs, supplementation, fitness, mindset, gratitude and all of these things.

Holistic health.

She decided that she needed to share her knowledge on all of this and basically...get it out of her.

So she made a course that's going to come out at the beginning of 2018.

It will have several lessons teaching you holistic health principles using herbs and plant medicine. Each module will be released one at a time, so the information can be absorbed and step by step changes can be made and implemented. Without the overwhelm of too much information this course will continue for an entire year with new information to learn and implement every month.

She’s going to go into detail on plant medicine and everything she knows using her father’s original formulations and the ones she’s developed over the years. She’s going to teach how to make a tincture, a salve, an infusion and more so that others can feel comfortable making and using their own if that is something that interests them.

She’s going to teach how she uses herbal medicine and how to supplement wisely. Hint – food is our first and most important supplement. Learn about the medicinal properties of plants and how to replace drugs with herbs. This is a lost art and it requires learning, common sense and intuition.

She’ll help wade through the craziness of what it means to eat healthy and how to finally get rid of the sugar addiction.

She’ll go into fitness, exercise and how critical it is to move your body every day.

She’ll also go into fasting, detoxifying, bio-hacking, anti-aging, hydration and how important environment is.

And finally, the mind/body connection. She will go into gratitude, an abundance mindset and how to create the environment that is going to allow people how to have the healthy life they want and deserve. The human mindset. Epigenetics and Quantum physics. These will all be sprinkled heavily throughout the course.

What will set this course apart from other online courses is the arrival of monthly, personalized, care packages with lots of special products designed to help people achieve their health goals using herbal remedies.


According to Jane, most people hesitate when it comes to taking care of everyday health challenges using natural, herbal remedies. They simply want to know more and then have the confidence to use that knowledge without hesitation. In this way, they miss out on transforming their biology and psychology.

The question then is, will you hesitate?

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