How To Teach Children About Mindfulness During Halloween Celebrations

This Halloween, use the holiday to teach your children a valuable lesson in mindfulness, positivity, and love.
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Doesn't it seem as though holiday celebrations start earlier and earlier every year? Halloween decorations were displayed in stores starting in August. While children should spend their last weeks of summer playing outside and getting ready to start the school year, they're also already wondering what they'll be for Halloween.

Halloween is a time to let children's imaginations soar. They can transform into a knight, an animal, a super hero, an explorer, a veterinarian, a ballerina -- whatever their heart's desire. However, Halloween is also the time when greed rears its green eyes and head.

This Halloween, use the holiday to teach your children a valuable lesson in mindfulness, positivity, and love.

Encourage Them to Use Their Imagination and Explore
As you stroll through the Halloween aisles full of decorations, costumes, and candy, take a look at the many costume options. Whether your child's costume is DIY or from a store, encourage them to use their imagination and become whatever they want this Halloween.

If your child wants to be a Power Ranger, let them. If they want to be a princess, help them design their costume. If they want to be an athlete, ask them what sport. Encouraging your child to follow his or her aspirations is crucial to teaching them about positivity and love.

Let Them Help with Halloween Decorations and Costumes
If your family loves to go "all out" for Halloween, let your children be involved. Here's a few ways to have the kiddos help out with the Halloween fun:
• Ask for their help with the candy selection.
• Ask them to help put up the Halloween decorations.
• Ask them what their favorite Halloween activity is and then do it!
• Ask them whether they would like to hand out Halloween candy or go trick-or-treating. Let them choose!

Allowing your child to follow their heart and mind throughout the holiday season will help them understand their world just a little bit better.

Teach Mindfulness Through Giving
Part of the Halloween experience includes passing out candy and treats to others. To teach children about the act of giving, ask them if they'd mind spending part of their Halloween giving out candy to those who come to your door.

Now, you don't need to have children spend the entire night passing out candy, but a good 15-20 minutes will do the trick. Show them how great it is to give to others. If you do this at the beginning of the night, you can demonstrate how their kindness will be rewarded. If they give to others, in return they'll receive something as well -- this time, it's candy!

Halloween is the Perfect Time to Think About Mindfulness
During the Halloween season, kids tend to meet the green-eyed monster known as greed. They want the best costume, as much candy as humanly possible, and to have extreme amounts of fun. But all of these items are fleeting. You know what lasts? Love. Friends. Family. Positive thoughts.

This Halloween, take the time to teach your children about mindfulness and how it relates to the holiday. You won't regret it!